10 Best Gifts All Women Can give To Self At No Big Holes In Pockets

We all women are powerhouses for our families. But the only thing which we do not accept or can be said we never think over is that we do not focus on ourselves. We keep ourselves busy in playing our roles and responsibilities at our best. While making the family happy and being available for them, 24×7, we do not realize when we become unavailable for ourselves.

When it is the matter of taking care of the family, we women are the front liners. But when it comes to self, we procrastinate our chances. We want to sacrifice all our part of happiness to our families. After all, family is love that comes above all.

But have you ever thought, what will be your family without you? What will happen to it if you are not well? If you are not happy or satisfied, you will not be able to render the best of yourself to your family. The environment of the family would not be the best that could be if you were happy, healthy, and satisfied.

We believe that our happiness lies in our family’s happiness. It is true, but it does not mean we ignore ourselves. Ignoring ourselves and killing our dreams and wishes will cost our emotional health. If there is a wound on Emotional health, it is not visible, but it is more dangerous than physical wounds.

Since women are the most important creatures, they deserve the best. To get the best they do not need to depend on others, to get any present. They are complete in themselves and can give the world’s best gifts to themselves.

Being the powerful woman, you can gift yourselves the following- 10, world’s best gifts to self which will fill you with new energy, confidence, happiness, self-respect, and satisfaction.

10 Best Gifts All Women Can give To Self At No Big Holes In Pockets

1 Good Health

Gift yourself with good health. Do not ignore physical exercises. Take out at least 15 minutes to half an hour from the daily schedule. For this, you may wake up just half-hour before your daily routine.

If it is not convenient for you, then take out a pen and paper. Jot down your regular chores and timing. Figure out from the list where you can adjust those 15 to 30 minutes where you can exercise. If you wish to practice yoga, morning is the best time for that. If you want to do other activities like gym, then choose those activities cum exercises which can be done at any time.

We all know how important is our well being for ourselves and our family. We are one of the crucial parts of our family. As much as our family’s health stands on top similarly, our health is equally important. So let’s start working on our good health.

2 Me-time

Most of us have one common issue that we do not have time to think for ourselves. We have never-ending chores at home. Here take a pause. And remember the days when you have to go somewhere out for any work. For example, when you have to go to your kid’s school may be for parent’s -teacher’s meeting, what you do on those days. You may plan a day before. Either you finish your household work before time, or you skip them for the day.

Here I am not saying to procrastinate the chores, but you may hold them for some time when you want to do nothing and want to spend some time with yourself. Or you can make a daily plan where you can steal some moments for yourself.

Those moments are meant only for you, where you may do what you like without any stress in mind for any household responsibility. For these moments, you have to feel happy (Though you must be Happy at all times) that these moments are only for you. You are living your Me-time and enjoying every aspect of yourself.

Think that no one can steal those moments from you as you are the queen of those happy times. Thinking this way for your Me-time will not only make you feel light, but you will be more productive and full of energy.

3 Self Care

Most Housewives are so dedicated to their homes that they hardly see their faces in the mirror after bathing. They tie their hair into a bun and move on to their routine household chores. Half of the day spends doing their daily work, and then they feel so tired to take a fundamental self-care which is routinely requisite.

After taking a shower, moisturize your face and body regularly so that your skin will not get dull. Comb your hairs regularly and tie them nicely, maybe in a ponytail or in your favorite bun. It will not make your hair tangled. There will be controlled hair fall due to proper circulation of blood in the scalp.

This fundamental self-care will hardly take five minutes. When you would be tidy, you will feel good and confident. I know this is very basic, but when ladies come to take charge of their household responsibilities, they put themselves at stake and forget that they are also human.

4 Good Food

Likewise, you serve hot, healthy, and fresh food to your family, do it for yourself too. Do not eat stale food. If on some days food is left from last night, distribute it among all family members. There is nothing wrong with it. If you would be doing it, all family members will be cautious about not leaving the food; because they will know that they will have to eat it the next day.

Secondly, if the cooked food falls short someday, don’t compromise with the half-filled stomach. Just think here, what will you do in this case if any of your kids or husband is hungry or any guest comes. You will again cook for them. So cook it for yourself too.

You and your health are equally important. If you can do it for others, you can do it for yourself too.

5 Financial Freedom

It is one of the best gifts a woman can give to herself. Go out, meet people, get ideas, search the internet. There are N-number of jobs and work ideas available for you. Analyze your interests and skills. Learn new things, put them into action. Initially, do not expect big. Put small steps initially. Because at this moment, the beginning is more important than winning. Be consistent, do not lose hope.

One day you will be successful and financially independent. There can be no better feeling than being Financially independent and have financial security.

6 Self Development

When you become satisfied with yourself, the chances of your growth start diminishing. For the continuous growth and development of self, an urge to learn new every day is required.

Self-development opens the way for financial freedom. If you can not go out for any coaching, there are various courses available online, which you can schedule to learn about from the comfort of your home.

For example, if you love baking, you may opt for baking courses available online. You can learn a new language or coding, make-up artistry, yoga, graphic designing, and many more. Self-development will render a new way to your life, perceptions, and positive behavior.

7 Accept when sick

One thing which is very common with us ladies is that we do not share it with our families when we fall sick. We keep on working till it becomes unbearable for ourselves. Because of this, people in the family become habitual of this kind of attitude. Then when we expect family’s attention or need help, they do not fall as per our expectations. As we are not valuing ourselves, then no one else will give value to us.

So accept and take a rest when you need it. Tell your family about you are not well, or maybe you feel tired some days and need a break.

8 Say Yes for Your Interests

On weekends suppose your family is ordering food from outside, then sometimes you can decide the menu of your choice. There is nothing wrong with expressing your interests once in a while.

9 Love Yourself

Every day when you come after taking a bath in the morning, tell yourself how beautiful you are looking today. Sometimes come out from your comfort zone of easily accessible and cozy daily wear. Shuffle your wardrobe for that chick dress that enlightens your mood. Wear light make-up may be a layer of Kajal, Eye Liner, and a glossy lip balm.

This little self-expressed love for yourself will make your day. And chances are you may peep into the mirror when you pass every time through it.

10 A solo or Women Special trip

There are many trustworthy companies online which customize solo trips for women. If you are not comfortable to go a solo trip, you may opt for Women Special Tour packages, which are designed for women especially. You will get to know about new places, new friends and most importantly happiness and peace of mind. So gift yourself with a solo or Women’s Special trip for Ample pleasure and joy.

The ultimate goal for this post is that never stop living your life. Do not forget about your responsibility to yourself. Be happy and be gentle for yourself as you do for your family. Take care of yourself because you worth it.

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