10 Personal Grooming Tips For Busy Women

We all wish to look presentable no matter whether we are at the office or home. By being presentable not only renders an attractive personality but also boosts confidence and makes us feel good. But to look presentable at all times requires some effort and time. Now you will say you do not have time to put effort. But believe me, if we learn to manage our time, then little effort can give us the best results to look presentable every day. I have shared 10 personal grooming tips for busy women to help you look presentable at all times. This guide for 10 personal grooming tips for busy women would save your time, effort and make you look good at all times. And get you compliments and will keep you out of the crowd. So let’s start discussing them –

10 Personal Grooming Tips For Busy Women

1) Utilize Office Returning Time

It happens to me that my hair gets grown-up every two months or so. All styles fade away. And they also start becoming rough with hair growth, dirt, and pollution. When I think of cutting my hair or trimming or styling them on the weekend, the idea remains a thought, and most of the time does not come into action because of other pending works.

One more thing, which happens to most of us is, we become lazy when we are at home on holidays. And we feel reluctant to change and move out of our home. So I came up with the solution. I go to my stylist while getting back from the office. It saves my time because the saloon is on the way back home from the office, and I do not have to change my clothes again to go out. I go there to sustain my good look whenever there is an urge for a haircut or trimming my hair, no matter what day of the week it is.

2) Personal Care Before Bath

It is something very time-consuming and expensive to set appointments at a saloon for personal grooming like waxing. Most of us do it at home, but this task also gets continuous procrastination until it becomes urgent. So better arrange waxing at home, or even better you can buy Epilator which is handier and time-saving. If you wax or shave before bath, it will save your time from again washing your hands or legs and moisturizing them if you do that suppose after bath.

3) Do Not Stack Laundry

I wash my clothes before bath if it’s not cold weather. It hardly takes 5 minutes to launder them manually. Because they are not in bulk, and secondly, since I laundry them regularly, they do not require deep cleansing. In my opinion, it is better to wash clothes daily than collecting the dirty laundry stuff for the whole week and wait for the weekend to wash them off. This trick gives me some extra time to enjoy my weekend, and I do not panic if my friends ever come on a weekend because I have ample time to welcome my friends and chit-chat with them. I also plan my clothes for the whole week so that if one cloth I wear on a particular day, I immediately wash it the next day if it is summer else after wearing it twice. This way it is ready for next week.

4) One Good Habit

I wash my socks and hankies whenever I get back home after office. Now you will say that you get tired, and I am saying to wash the stuff. But believe me, we can clean the socks and hankies right away in 2 minutes, when we wash our face and hands. We need to take two drops of shampoo and wash socks and hankies. One reason to wash them with shampoo is that they become soft with a mild fragrance, which I like. Secondly, since socks and hankies get cleaned every day, I do not need to use all the pairs of socks together. Just two pairs of socks do well for me for a whole week. And I have fresh new pairs of socks to wear, whenever I need to go out on the weekend. So this way it helps me to look presentable whether on weekdays or weekends.

5) No More Waiting For Sunday

There was a time when I used to wait for Weekends for most of my pending works. Though, there is nothing new in this as you might also do the same. But whenever the weekend comes, I used to get lazy and skipped most of the tasks that I had set to do. Because they did not get completed during the week or even at the weekend, those tasks used to remain pending for infinite times. One such job is trimming the nails. And as they grow, they start looking ugly. So it’s always better not to wait for weekends to trim nails or any other similar small works. Though trimming nails only takes a few minutes. But I get overburden at times when it comes to the weekend.

6) Maintain Oral Hygiene

I know, I know, this is an elementary thing which I am telling you. But most of us procrastinate this basic important hygiene routine out of laziness. A smile plays a vital role in overall personality. If you look perfect from tip to toe, but if your mouth shows tarter or smells bad when smiling or laughing, it will spoil all your good looks. So just spending 5 minutes brushing every night and treat your mouth with a good quality mouthwash after brushing will make you master a beautiful, confident smile and will make you presentable. So don’t get lazy for this small important work.

7) Little Care Make Big Difference

Stylish foot Wear is every girl’s dream. But it happens most of the time with us that we hide our cracked heels and do not enjoy our high heels confidently. It is just because of our little ignorance. Spending two minutes every night can help us get soft heels. It can be said not only soft heels but soft hands and lips too. For it, what you have to do is wash your legs and face before bed. Wipe them with a soft towel and gently apply glycerin or Vaseline on heels, hands, and lips. It will make your hands, heels, and lips soft, crack-free, moisturized, and presentable too.

8) Utilize TV Time

Generally, ironing the clothes do not come under my likings. So I procrastinate on this work until there is an urgency and all my clothes are wrinkled. But who bothers until and unless it is very urgent. I know most of you are with me. So some of us might have chosen to give our clothes to laundry services to iron them. But I came up with a more frugal way to iron my clothes. I generally iron them while watching TV. Even you can do so while listening to your Favorite Music or podcast.

9) Exfoliate Dead Skin

Most of us become so careless about our skincare routine that washing our face with face wash becomes enough, and habits like exfoliating the skin remain a far-flung affair. Even in some cases, most of us wash our face with soap. The caustic in soap is harsh while our face skin is soft. So it damages the skin more. So to exfoliate dead skin, you can use a good quality Herbal Scrub once a week or every fortnight as per your skin type. Similarly, to take care of hands, legs and to exfoliate dead skin, you can use Raw Coffee Body Scrub.

10) Oil Your Hair

No, I am not saying to put on oil all the time and head to college, or on a date or to the office, but what I am saying is at least massage your hair for five to ten minutes before going to bed. The oil moisturizes the hair and gives them the required nourishment.

Oiling hair before bedtime gives them enough time to absorb the oil deeply. It makes hair follicles strong and controls hair falls too. If you oil your hair regularly, it will enhance hair growth. And your long hair dream would true soon. For massaging my hair, I generally use coconut oil during summers and mustard oil during winters. Though mustard oil has a strong smell, it is healthy for hair care routines. So whenever you need to wash your hair, do not forget to oil your hair a night before it. The next day you can wash your hair with Mild Shampoo. When you oil your hair a night before, do not forget to cover the pillow with extra clothing as it will prevent your pillow cover from becoming oily and dirty.

Following this guide for 10 personal grooming tips for busy women, you will feel presentable and confident. What do you think about it and what efforts you put in to look good. Let me know in the comments section. See you soon in the next post, till the time take care, be happy and enjoy.