14 Hacks To Make Life Easy with Kids- For Happy Life

It’s almost summer have started, and most of the schools have done with their annual exams. At the end of the exam, children get the most awaited summer break. This summer break brings happiness to homes if you are planning for vacations. But what if you are staying at home with children? It is still definitely cool that you do not have to prepare for the lunch box early in the morning. But the little champs at home may make your life troublesome with their never-ending mischief. And if the school-going kids have siblings who are toddlers, then the situation gets worse for mothers. So I have collaborated 14 hacks to make life easy with kids.

These ’14 hacks to make life easy with kids’ will surely bring you out of burden because dealing with kids is never easy.

14 hacks to make life easy with kids- For Happy Life

1. Paper On The Wall

Children love to write on walls. No matter how many times we forbid kids from writing on a wall, we do not know when they secretly portray their creativity on it. The situation gets worse when kids do it with wax colors or oil pastel colors. So to overcome this situation and save the walls from naughty hands, paste the paper up to the height of children or up to their reach by hands so that if they ever want to write on the wall, it does not get dirty with stubborn wax colors or oil pastels.

2. Newspaper Hacks

It is not always that kids eat at a dining table. If it is lunch or dinner with family then it is okay but apart from these meal courses they generally eat-in living room in front of the TV. And they also spill and drop the food making the area untidy. We can not always stop children. But one thing we can do is first lay the newspaper on the couch, or anywhere they are going to eat, and make them sit on that so that if they drop any food, it will get trapped on newspaper. And you can directly throw the dropped food in litter bean. This process will also forbid fine food particles from being trapped in small spaces on the couch.

3. Use Double Side Tape

When there is any kid in the home, you need extra care to save ceramic vases or decorative pieces. If you have something like a vase or any showpiece at home, which can fall, and you never want to lose those decor pieces, then paste the double side tape on its bottom so that it does not fall and break into pieces.

4. Use Tight Lid Boxes

Kids are always curious to know anything. One thing which attracts them the most is the medicine box. They always want to try those pills kept into it. There they also find one more thing that attracts them is a thermometer. One incidence I remember from my childhood. When I was a kid, once my mother was busy with household chores and my rest of the siblings were at school, I opened the medicine box and found a thermometer. Out of curiosity, I took it out, and it fell from my hands. There were fine glass pieces scattered all over. Luckily mother was at home, and she came running after hearing the voice. The glass pieces could hurt me. t

Similarly, my niece has the same interest. Once, his father asked her to throw a pill into the litter bean as it was expired, she secretly kept it in the refrigerator. She had thought to try it later when no elder was seeing her. So always keep the medicines and thermometer into the boxes with tight lids, and also never hand over any pill to kids to throw out whether or not if it is expired.

5. Lock The Kitchen

When you finish up your work in the kitchen, better lock it if you have kids. You can keep the necessary eatables in the dining room if children ever need to eat. It is because kids want to imitate you. For example, how you turn on and use the gas stove or how you cut the vegetables. The objects like lighters, matchboxes, knives, gas stoves may result in serious hazards. So better to lock the kitchen when you have finished your work. This way, if the children will require anything from the kitchen, they will come to you, and you will be aware of their activities. 

If you can not lock the kitchen, then make sure you keep lighters, matchboxes, knives at the secret place where kids can not reach.

6. Save Your Makeup

It is one of the most important things to be taken care of when you have little champs at home. Two years back, my nieces and nephew had come home during summer vacations. After lunch, elders were busy chit-chatting while children were playing in their room. Though secretly, my two nieces got the makeup kit, and they started playing with it. They not only applied to make up to each other but messed it up also.

Possibly while applying the compact powder, it dropped from their hands. Secretly they cleaned the mess, but to refill the box, kids poured talcum powder into it. Since the sisters were busy, then how could the little brother fall less than them? He means my nephew took the lipsticks and rubbed them all over the walls. So always keep your makeup out of reach of these little monsters.

7. Hide The Keys

When kids grow up a little, one thing that excites them is they want to ride the scooter or bike at the highest speed just like adults do. So if you have some grown-up children at home, but they are minors, then hide the keys or keep them at a secret place as children may steal them in search of a taste of riding fast. Ignorance may hit them badly.

8. Empty The Pail

it is most likely that kids will tend to make their toys bath if you have small children at home. If it is a soft toy, then the situation will be worse. One of my nieces had made her teddy soaked into a pail full of water. Then she had left that soaked toy on the bed. Because of this, the whole bed not only got wet, but the toy also released its color, making the bed sheet stained. So better empty the pails when not in use. If you need to store water, you can lock the door of your bathroom. 

If children need to go to the loo, they will ask you to open it, and you will be in a better position to keep track of them.

9. Keep Personal Care Products Away From Their Reach

It has happened most of the time with me. When I want to wash my face and take out facewash, what I get is water poured into my palm. 

When kids get a bottle of a facewash or a shampoo, they first bathe with the facewash or play with it, and when the bottle gets empty, then out of fear, they will mix water to get escaped from scolding.

It seems very funny when sharing the incident with you, but at that moment, it had boiled my blood when my niece did this to me.

10. Tuck The Napkin

Kids do not bother to wipe their hands after washing. If the hand towel is out of their reach, they will not mind wiping hands with curtains. It seems to be so ugly, but this is the fact. So better tuck a Napkin on their shirt so that they can wipe the hands with it.

11. Keep Lightweight Articles At Safety

When kids try to reach the objects that are at the height and out of their reach, at that time, light Stools or lightweight chairs become their favorite weapon which they can easily drag and climb on. Keep stools and any lightweight objects like a chair or anything in a safer place. So, kids can not climb on them and mess with the things that are on height.

12. Organize Magazines & Newspaper

Organize Magazines and newspapers in drawers so that they do not get directly visible to kids. If you would keep magazines and newspapers in front of kids, they will get attracted to them. And they will tear them and spread the torn pieces everywhere.

13. Keep Damp Sponge Ready

keep a damp sponge in one place and make a habit of the children to wipe it off if they have dropped anything wet and sticky. Also, make it a habit to wash hands after that.

14. Take Care of Scissors

One common habit in children is that they want to style up by themselves. And they wish to cut their hair with scissors. My niece did this recently. One more child I know who had cut his hair so badly that the barber had to shave his head completely. So take special care of scissors as kids may hurt themselves while mischieving with them.

Children will keep on mischieving, and that is what childhood is all about. But sometimes their acts may become a headache to mothers, and even they can hurt themselves too. So applying these 14 hacks to make life easy with kids at home may help you. Let me know what you do to make your life easy when you have kids at home.

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