15 Simple Habits To Keep Your Home Always Clean

Hello Friends! How are you today? How are your fall months going? Well, today, we will talk about developing some simple habits to keep our space clean where we all feel cozy and relaxed. It is home where we all want to come back and relax. But if it is not clean, then it does not give a hundred percent satisfaction. So little effort can keep our place clean at all times.

To develop these simple habits in our lives, the only thing is we need to keep an eagle eye on every corner of our home, and spending few minutes on these corners regularly, will save our hours of hard work at the time of deep cleaning of this home at the time of festivals. Though, we should not wait for festivals to keep the cleaning schedule for our homes. We need to take care of every minute aspect of daily cleaning so that our home not only renders positivity but we do not get embarrassed if a guest comes without intimation.

So let’s develop these fifteen simple habits which are necessary to keep our home clean at all times.

Developing these simple habits for cleaning the home will help the newlyweds, who have recently entered into the whole new world of Menage.

So Let’s get the insights into these 15 simple habits to keep our homes clean-

Clean home habits

1. Cleaning Doors Regularly

My home has dark painted doors. On these doors, dust is easily visible that not only looks ugly but can also be allergic. So regularly wiping them is one of the crucial works in my to-do list of daily household cleaning. 

You can clean the doors every alternate day or at least thrice a week. Whether the doors are light painted or dark, make a simple habit of wiping them every alternate day because light painted doors may not show a dust layer but have dark or black stains due to regular touch or dust particles’ layer.

2. Cleaning Windows Regularly

Just like doors, the same is the case with windows, which not only welcome fresh air but dust particles too, which get tangled on windows’ doors and nets. The problem while cleaning windows is that it becomes more difficult to clean the windows if the design of window panels is twirly, which gives more room for dust. So it is important to include windows cleaning in regular cleaning sessions.

3. Cleaning Patios Regularly

We often see that most people avoid cleaning patios daily because they count patios as an outer area. But despite patios being outside of homes but they receive more dust and dirt. Patios tell about the overall well-being of your home because they are the first place where any guest or outsider passes by. Secondly, the dirt and dust of this place will make no use of your hard work while keeping the inside home clean because this dirt and dust will find a way to enter your home through the air whenever the door would be kept open. If the patios are in a large area, you can wash them with water and wipe off the excess water. It will save your time and energy.

4. Dusting Of Shelves

If your shelves are packed, then their cabinets need daily or occasional cleaning as per the requirement. But if you have open shelves, the things kept in them also get dirty due to dust. So adding simple habits of spending two to three minutes on a dusting of open shelves is worth it. This habit will escape you from the crunching of time for deep cleaning of the things kept on the shelves and are untouched for a long time.

5. Cleaning Switchboards regularly

Switchboards are light in color. Generally, they are white and get dark stains on regular use. So wipe them regularly or on alternate days with a damp cloth to keep the beauty of the wall intact.

6. Making Bed

Most people do not like to make bed immediately after waking up. They leave the work for later. But due to this procrastination, they do not get time to make their bed throughout the day. And most of the time, it even happens that when they come back to sleep at night, they get the bed in the same condition as they left in the morning with all mess and crease. The situation gets worse if guests come. So the first thing to do in the morning is to make bed immediately after waking up.

7. Cleaning Fans Regularly

Fans look ugly when they get a dark layer of dust. Be sure to clean them weekly so that the dark layer of dust does not get sticky, and cleaning the fan does not become a tedious job for you.

8. Cleaning Table Tops

The first thing required is keeping the tabletop spacious by keeping the things organized and in place so that they do not get scattered and make you procrastinate cleaning the top of the table. Keeping the tabletop clean and organized will help you make it more productive for your projects and work.

9. Wiping Spills Immediately

Spilling of liquid or dribbling of drops of any eatable in homes is quite inevitable. But ignoring them may not result in stubborn stains only, but they may get sticky too. It will extend seconds of immediately wiping work into hours of scrubbing. So it is always wise to wipe the spills immediately.

10. Cleaning Floor At Least Twice A Day

If the floor of your home is free from dust, then there are fewer chances of dust layers sticking on shelves, furniture, or bed. But nowadays, when we have household helpers available, we depend on them. The household helpers generally come in the morning hours and clean the homes. Since they come once per day, so home gets dusty till evening. Hence, we should not depend on household helpers to arrive the next day for cleaning. It will make our home dirtier and will never look clean despite spending for paying household helpers. 

So if your helper has done floor cleaning in the morning, you can randomly dry mop in evening hours so that tiny dust particles do not make their home in shelves, furniture, and bed.

11. Removing Shoes Outside

Allowing outside shoes in the home allow mud containing lots of germs and allergens. It also makes home cleaning jobs difficult. So better do not to allow outside’s shoes within the home. You can keep separate slippers to wear within the home. But make sure you wash these slippers occasionally.

12. Allocate Space For Everything

Planning is very crucial to keep the home organized. In most cases, we forget or do not pay much attention to allocate a particular place for things. We pay more attention to the decor and beauty of the home. So while building your home, make sure to keep space for most of the crucial things so that you can organize them efficiently.

13. Keeping Things In Their Place

When you have been smart enough to allocate the space for everything in your home, be sure you keep those things in their specified place. So you will get them immediately in hours of need without wastage of time and energy.

14. Keeping Two Litter Bins

I keep two litter bins in the kitchen, one of the litter bins for disposing of the dry wastes and the other for wet wastes. Similarly, two litter bins must be kept in the rooms where you spend most of the time. Because possibly, you may dispose of the dry waste papers in a dustbin, but what about the fruit waste or any eatables waste which are prone to get rotten and stink your room. Make sure you empty the litter bins regularly without waiting for them to get filled.

15. Habit Of Fixing Back

Whenever we sit on Sofa or bed, their cover gets displaced. It makes the room look untidy. So make a habit of fixing the Sofa cover, bed sheet cover, or anything distorted due to use. Also, teach the rest of the family members and children the same habit.

Developing and taking care of these simple habits in our routine may bring a big difference in the journey of keeping the home clean and look presentable at all times. What are your approaches to making your home clean? I will love to hear your lovely comments. Till the next post, have a wonderful time.

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