7 Healthy Habits You Should Start For Healthy Life

Our health depends upon our habits, whether it be eating habits, or a way of taking something, or taking or not taking ourselves granted towards the mandatory approaches of life. I believe health is the real wealth that a person owns. Imagine you are at a sunny beach. You are relaxing on a reclining chair at the beach. You can witness the serenity of the horizon, and waves of sparkling water are adding peace to the surrounding. You can enjoy this beauty and feel this serenity because you are healthy. No pain in your body is diverting your mind and stopping you from enjoying.

If your body is healthy with no signs of aches in any part of it, then you can enjoy every bit of it. Otherwise, nothing can help you enjoy the scenery, no matter how beautiful part of the earth you have moved on. So I encourage you to add below add ons to your habits to enjoy this beautiful world and be wealthy of health for life –

Practicing Yoga and Exercise

I know most of you will say what’s new in this. But my point is that despite knowing that yoga and exercise keep us fit, why don’t we practice them?

Believe me! If we dedicate fifteen to thirty minutes daily to practicing yoga or exercise, we will not only get fit. But it will save us from making holes in the pocket due to illness also. So we should not delay including yoga and exercise as part of our daily routine to get a healthy dose of extra oxygen for tissues and organs.

Eat fruits, veggies, and drink Juices.

We avoid eating fruits and vegetables like carrots, beets, and reddish because they are chewier, and we do not get time to eat them. So we tend to avoid them. But including these colorful vegetables in your meals daily will detox the body and help to eliminate toxins, leaving it young and fit for long. If these vegetables are hard to eat daily, making juice out of them is always a good option.

Avoid junk

No matter! How healthy your eating habits are? And how well you are exercising, but if you are equally eating junk side by side, then your hard work towards a healthy life would not be able to render yourself the sweet results as you expected. So always eat a balanced diet. Keep some healthy foods with you while going out, So that whenever you feel hungry, you do not have to rely on junk present outside in the market.

Chew each bite 32 times

It may seem to be weird. But it is a proven fact. Because by chewing food at least 32 times, the first thing that will happen is that the food would get cut into fine particles and second it will release lots of salivae making food wet and soft and hence your digestive system will have to work less for digesting the food. It would easily clean the gut, and you will feel light.

For this, you need not count every bite. Just be mindful that while chewing your food, it should be well mixed with saliva. So that it would be easy to digest.

Do not overeat

Tasty food tempts each one of us. And it does happen that we overeat most of the time. Overeating slows down digestion and creates heaviness for hours in the stomach. It also builds extra fat in the body, which is ugly. So no matter how tasty and tempting the food is, never overeat it. Better you can eat it again when you feel hungry but do not eat once you are full.

Drink water appropriately

We read and hear that we should drink lots of water throughout the day most of the time. By this concept, I used to drink lots of water. But when I had swollen legs, I consulted with my doctor. He said my body was retaining extra water, which was unnecessary. And hence I had swollen legs. I had got the habit of drinking water now and then whether I was feeling thirsty or not. It created my kidneys to work extra, and since water throw out harmful toxins from the body through the excretory system, some useful salts were also getting flushed out from the body. Due to this, I used to feel low and dizzy. But when I started drinking water as per my body’s requirements, I feel better and healthy.

Drink water sip by sip, and don’t drink it ever while standing

When we drink water by sip by sip, it mixes with saliva. The pH of saliva is alkaline. So the mixture also becomes alkaline. When it reaches the stomach, where the pH is acidic, the merger of two becomes neutral. It helps to keep away from acidity. 

When we drink water while standing, it creates pressure on the stomach and joints of the legs. Especially the knees. This way, drinking water while standing creates knee problems and reduces their lubrication.

Drink water after 30 mins of meal

Commonly we drink water immediately after a meal. When we eat food, the digestive system becomes active, and it starts secreting acids to digest food. It can be said’ acids are the fire of the stomach which process food and convert them into simple form to get easily absorbed by the body to liberate energy. But when we drink water immediately after meals, these acids calm down, which slows down the digestion process. And it takes our digestive system hours to regenerate those acids. Hence most of the time, the food remains undigested in the stomach creating constipation and gas. That’s why always drink water at least after half-hour of a meal. But do not forget to drink water. Otherwise, it will also create constipation. You can take water half an hour before a meal for better digestion.

Try these habits and let me know what positive changes you feel while following them.