9 Fun Ways To Tone Your Body-You Will Wish TO Know Sooner

Weight is something we all want to lose but don’t know from where it gets put on. And it does not come to notice in winters because of the thick coverings of sweaters, jackets, pullovers layering the whole body from tip to toe. The actual reality comes in front when it comes to spring or summer when those side tires and tummy tell about how vigorously they fed.

When once in a while the health bug bites, then we think of work out and gyms. We plan the whole process of weight loss. The gyming costumes, shoes, glasses everything come out. Then starts everyday morning routine to go to the gym. After a few days or weeks, all excitement subsides. Slowly we get back to our daily nature of comfort zone.

Now the point is how can we get the perfect figure and get fit without the hustle of every day going out for gym. Here, please mind it’s human nature when we do anything out of boundation, we faint our interest. But when we do it with freedom, we enjoy it.

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I have figured out some fun ideas to tone the body. These will not only make you feel happy but will help you get the fit and proper shape. So let us start – 

9 Fun Ways To Tone Your Body-You Will Wish TO Know Sooner

1 Rope Skipping

Yes, do you remember your childhood days. When skipping rope was one of the favorite games with friends. Here you can make your family members join you at any time of the day. Even if you are not more in numbers, say suppose if you are two people at a time, then you can challenge each other.

For example, you skipped 50 times, then the rope tangles in your feet, or you get tired, then the other person will have the challenge to surpass 50 skips. This way not only will you enjoy but you will find losing weight in some days.

 But please take note that if you have any health issues, suppose cardiac or knee problems, then do not perform this job.

2 Hula Hoop 

It seems that I am gone back into my childhood days when my sister had prepared a ring with wire, and we used to try balancing it on our waist. The funny thing is we got this inspiration from the Mango Frooti ad of the 90s. I know getting perfect on Hula hoop will take you some time, and you will have to practice, but it will give you a total of all the fun and laughter when seeing everybody trying to balance the ring on the waist and rolls it around.

3 Do some fun while watching TV

Yes, losing weight when watching TV is possible. Believe me, guys. I am not saying to ignore your favorite program. I am just saying make use of the time when commercials come. Now, how? The answer is simple, whenever the commercial comes, you can start jogging at your place. When the program returns, you can grab your position.

When the next commercial comes, you can start jumping on your feet. If you are alone, then it’s ok to give yourself the best company of a Jovial person like you. It will make you happy no matter if you are alone.

But if you have the opportunity that your family is with you on some days, you can do these activities together. If you are four or five in numbers, you can make a circle, join hand in hand and start jumping in a moving motion such that one person acquires the place of another person.

This way, it will be funnier and believe me, it will not only rejuvenate you, but your children will love you for that. They will feel like to be home with you.

4 Try touching the Ceiling Fan

You can do it in a group one by one or maybe if you are alone. Touching the fan will involve you jumping high and stretch your body to get success. You can try running from some distance and then randomly jumping when arriving at the point you feel to make it happen. Every time you can try changing your hands.

Here the funnier part is that it does not matter how high is the ceiling fan.

5 Passing the parcel 

Now you will think how passing the parcel will help losing weight. And if you are alone, then it’s impossible. But here, I would like to add a twist. If you are alone then also you can play passing the parcel. The only thing you will have to have a table and a ball or anything of your choice. If it’s an object with little weight, then it will be better. Now what you have to do is to put the ball or object on the table. Stand in front of it, facing your back. Now move your abdomen back, keeping your legs intact and hold the ball from one side and keep it back from another side.

You can continue this for some time. Then relax for a while and start doing it from another side. Say suppose, previously you did from right to left then do it from left to right.

Here you can experiment with your table size. If you are using a table that is of a height up to your hips or below that, then it will help losing weight from your tummy and side tires.

If you use the table of the height equivalent to your chest, then it will help to lose your bust size.

6 Swimming while standing

Haha! No, no, you do not have to swim while standing. But you can use different swimming patterns here. Stand at one place make sure there is no object surrounding you which may fall or hurt you. For this, you need to start with one hand. Extend it in front of you and slowly bring it from up to down and from behind to front. Do the same with your right hand and continue the cycle as if you are swimming. Then you can change by repeating the same by doing it as if you are swimming, on your back.

Then you can use both of your hands in front of you, starting from your chest and then stretching them in front than the right hand will make a circle my moving towards right and come back near to chest and the left hand will make a circle by turning left and coming back to the chest. Both the hands you will have to use together.

This exercise will tone your hands to wear all your short sleeve dresses confidently. It will also help your heart pump blood effectively and circulate through your body with extra oxygen leaving you to freshen up and active.

7 Cycling while lying on the bed

Yeah, this is very common, but we have forgotten this from our life. What you have to do is lie on the bed with your backside down. Lie straight. Keep your hand straight near your legs. Then bring both the legs up, band them, and start moving as if you are cycling. You can do it clockwise and then anticlockwise.

This exercise will tone your hips and help losing extra fat from your tummy. Here again, you can do it with your kids or family.

8 Jumping Dancing Jack 

In this exercise, what you have to do is stand straight. Keep both your hands on your waist. Then move the right leg in front and randomly bringing it back to position. But at the same time, keep ready your left leg to repeat the same, and you do not fall.

It will be somewhat like dancing, and jumping simultaneously, so the name is given to this exercise jumping Dancing Jack.

9 Playing outdoor games

Here playing outdoor games, I mean playing those fun games you used to play in your childhood. The benefit of this will be that all age groups, whether adults or children, can play them together. To remind you, childhood outdoor games like ICE-WATER, Catch-Catch, and Chain, etc. All these games involve running. So running for fun will interest you rather than simply running for a cause.

Now, if you do not know what all these games are, then I brief you ice-water is something when one person or child has to give a pay then he will run behind others to catch them and touch them and say ice so that that person will become statue-like ice and cannot move from the place. Then the other players would come to escape the iced person by touching and saying water, so that person will get released and move as water does.

But here, the person who has to pay will have to stop the other players from setting free that person who has already become ice. This way, the game continues. And if the person has to pay to make all the players’ ice, then the players, who are iced, first, will have to start paying. This way, you can remember your childhood games and start playing them to tone your body with fun.

All these fun exercises and games will help you lose weight while playing and rejuvenate your mind by burning calories and feel you light and happy. So please share with me what are your fun ideas to tone your body. Let’s have some more fun together, sharing our craziness.

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