9 Things Which Actually Make You Lazy

Some people always feel lazy. They procrastinate things. They show a lack of interest in almost everything. When we feel a lack of motivation to finish any work and procrastinate things or try to escape from responsibilities. We can say that we are lazy. Laziness is not a habit. It is a state of mind which makes us procrastinate things.

What is The Psychology Behind Laziness

The Psychology of laziness in simple terms is when a person can perform a particular function or task, but he takes things casually. That person always wants the painstaking work to do at some other time. Or in most cases a lazy person wants other people to do their work. They spend time sitting idle and doing nothing fruitful. They do not understand their priorities and urgencies.

Sometimes this indolence leads the person into trouble. Regular procrastinations of chores in a lazy person’s life make a big pile of those work, and the person finds them impossible to finish.

9 Things That Make You Lazy-

Surprising Things that make you lazy
laziness causes

1. The Food We Eat

Our body functions with the help of energy from the food we eat. Now it depends upon us what type of energy we are giving to our body in the form of food. Our body will behave as per the energy we are getting. If we will eat a healthy balanced diet, our bodies will feel light and energetic. Because healthy food is easy to digest. Our digestive system needs less energy to digest simple food as compared to complex bulky food.

That is the reason why we mostly feel sleepy when we eat something heavy, and complex. Heavy food needs more energy to digest so our body feels sleepy after eating heavy or junky food.

And this is the reason we feel refreshed after eating fruits or drinking fresh juices and buttermilk.
So our happiness and freshness depend upon the type of food after eating it. Healthy food is rich in nutrition. When we eat healthy food like green vegetables, fruits, yogurt, salads and hydrate ourselves with fresh juices, buttermilk, etc. Our body gets all the necessary nutrition. And we feel fresh and energetic.

When we are energetic, sluggishness does not touch us.

2. Avoiding Breakfast, Irregular Mealtime, And Sleep makes You Lazy

As we all know our body needs the energy to perform every function. So even if food gives us power, its digestion also requires energy. This is the reason why having a healthy breakfast is essential for all of us.

Have you ever noticed, that if any day you skip breakfast and your breakfast time passes away, and you take lunch directly, on that day you feel sluggish? Previously I used to think I had taken healthy lunch, then why I was feeling lazy and dull? Later after reading about it, I realized breakfast gives us enough energy to start our day. Then whenever we take lunch or another course of meal throughout the day, our body has enough energy to digest this food which we eat any other time. This sequence of meals gives us energy in the right order and we feel fresh and energetic.

Another good reason to feel lazy is when we do not take enough sleep. Or our sleep disturbs in-between. Take the right measures to go to bed on time. Stay away from gadgets and mobile phones before sleep. Keep the phone in silent mode so that your sleep does not get disturbed.

Make sure you eat well before sleep, and it should be before three hours of sleep. Eating well and before three hours of sleep will not disturb your sleep due to hunger or acidity or due to heaviness in the stomach.

3. Disengagement From The Things You Once Loved Also makes You Lazy

Do you think that you are getting lazy with time? In that case, you must ask yourself – “Why have I become so lazy and less motivated.” Somewhere you will get the answer. It may be because you had to disengage or detach yourself from the things which you once loved to do. Analyze yourself. Did it happen to you? It may be anything, like the sudden death of your loving pet. Or you miss your loved one.

It may be a habit or a hobby that you might have to disengage with. And it may be the reason for your laziness, disinterest, lack of motivation, and procrastination.

4. Deep Sadness Creates Sluggishness

In our life happiness and sadness is the part of our life. Some people get motivated in adverse conditions. They become more focused on their lives. It is because they want to distract themselves from the sadness or from the incident which has made them sad. This determination leads them to success.

On the other hand, some people take sadness as the end of their life. The sad incident if any occurred in their life leads them to deep sadness. They feel demotivated in their lives. They even do not want to do such things which they once loved. They become idle and feel lazy.

5. Having no responsibility- One of the biggest reasons for Being Lazy

Having responsibilities in life is the biggest motivation for being active. Because you have no choice for being lazy. Responsibilities teach you to discipline. If you think you have no responsibility to take care of, start taking charge of things. Be a volunteer to take charge of anything. It may include helping your mother in the kitchen or taking the pet for an outing or teaching or babysitting the kids in the family.

Through this you will have new experiences and will learn new things, thereby keeping your distance from laziness.

6. Focusing more on outcomes may make you lazy

It is pretty obvious that when we start any new task or project, our mind starts dreaming of the desired outcomes. Sometimes we are so focused on the outcome that we do not focus on the process to achieve that desired outcome. When this kind of thought process continues, we lose our link to finish the job. Gradually we get distracted and feel demotivated to do that task. When it gets prolonged for a longer duration, we procrastinate and it gives rise to laziness. And this laziness never allows us to finish the chore.

Always remember, hard work and dedication for a particular work is in our hands. But outcomes are not in our hands. If we succeed, it is the best feeling but if we do not succeed or do not get desired outcomes, do not get demotivated. Because the best part is participation rather than winning. Learn from the lacking and try to rectify them next time.

So focus on the process. Make strategies and take baby steps to move forward in the direction of finishing the winning line.

7. Bad company

If you are in the company of friends who force you to procrastinate things just for their pleasure, we can say you are in bad company, Because such people will not only waste your time but make you habitual of getting distracted from your priorities.

For this, I am not saying directly cut these people from your life because they may be your close ones, but you be rational enough to prioritize your work. Rather than getting inspired by them, you become an inspiration for them to not be lazy towards your work. Because a good friend keeps their friends on the right track.

8. Social Media

We all know it. Social media wastes our precious time. We get an infinite number of information one after another, no matter how relevant they are to us. This irrelevant knowledge affects our thought process in a way that we feel less energized toward thinking about our pending work.

So always choose your work over the gadgets that connect you to social media.

9. Having No goal in life

If you have no goal in life, life becomes directionless. A directionless life has no motivation, and no motivation simply means laziness. So analyze yourself. Try to figure out what interests you. Work in that direction and make a goal. Plan out the strategy to achieve that goal.

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