Google Doodle Pizza Day: What are the Most Popular Pizza In The List

Today Google Doodle is making us learn about the history of the most loving dishes Pizza, in a creative way. When we open the google home page, there is a doodle of Pizza. And When we click on the play button, a video puzzle starts. We need to cut the Pizza as per the instruction. The fun part is if we cut the Pizza as per the instructions, we get the full stars.

Google has given the information about the most loved pizza toppings worldwide with eleven pizza puzzles in total.

History of Pizza

Our favorite Pizza has its origin in Italy, where people used to eat soft bread with chopped vegetables, cheese, and nonveg toppings. Then the idea got very popular worldwide, and now there are different varieties of Pizza. You will be amazed to know that over five billion Pizzas get consumed every year worldwide, and almost 350 pizza slices get sold every second in the US.

On 12th December 2007, the Neapolitan style process “Pizzaiuolo” got listed to UNESCO’S intangible cultural heritage, So today google is unofficially celebrating Pizza Day with all Pizza Lovers.

The 11 Most Popular Pizzas Of the world that added in Google Doodle Menu-

Margherita Pizza

With a topping of Cheese, Tomato, and Basil, Margherita pizza holds the topmost position under Neopolitan-Style Pizza. This style is on UNESCO’S list of intangible cultural heritage since 2007.

Cheese Pepperoni Pizza

This American-style Pizza adores thinly sliced sausages on its cheesy surface.

White Pizza

This Italian Pizza has no red sauce as its base, so people call it White Pizza. But its color does not compromise with its taste, and it is equally yummy and popular with the topping of cheese, mushrooms, white sauce, and broccoli.

Calabresa Pizza

This Brazilian Style sausage pizza has its roots in Italy. Along with Calabresa, this Pizza gets its flavor with the topping of cheese, onion rings, and whole black olives.

Muzzarella Pizza

This Argentinian-style Pizza has a spongy base. It is a flavor-rich pizza because it has lots of cheese, an ample amount of oregano, and whole green olives as the topping.

Hawaiian Pizza

This Canadian Originated Pizza is now the world’s favorite with cheese, ham, and pineapple toppings.

Magyaros Pizza

This Hungarian delight has multiple options as toppings. It comes with cheese, salami, bacon, onion, and the spicy twist of chili pepper.

Teriyaki Mayonnaise Pizza

This Japanese ingredient-rich Pizza has teriyaki chicken, cheese, fine strips of seaweed, and lots of creamy mayonnaise as a topping.

Tom Yum Pizza

This Thai-style Pizza showcases the Tom yum soup. No matter, the topping of cheese, mushroom, chili pepper, and lime leaves may vary, but crustacean prawns remain the same.

Paneer Tikka Pizza

As the name suggests, this Pizza is a boon for all paneer and pizza lovers, as it has the perfect combination of Indian and Italian twists with marinated paneer and a bed of cheese, capsicum, onion, and paprika with red sauce toppings.

Dessert Pizza

Perfect to satisfy your cravings for desserts because this pizza innovation has endless possibilities with the toppings of your choice.

Lately, haven’t your mouth watered? Well, I guess no one can escape from these tempting pizzas. I hope you must have learned about your favorite pizzas. Which one is your favorite? Let me know through your comments.