Hospital Bag For Baby -What To Pack

Before starting my ninth and final month of pregnancy, I had packed the hospital bag for the baby and myself. These were two separate bags with all the requisite things to prepare for the days at the hospital for delivery. In my second bag, there was stuff for my baby. These things were helpful for me post-delivery. I had kept the items arranging them in packets and labeling them so that it was easy for my family members to take out the required stuff from the bag, as at that moment, I was not in a condition to help them out.

If you want an idea about What To Pack In Hospital Bag For Delivery- Whether Normal Or C-Section, you can get the helpful stuff in my previous post. In this, I have mentioned all the requisites and last moment things which you can prepare beforehand before leaving for the hospital for delivery.

Before jumping into the essentials to pack in Hospital Bag for Baby, let’s have some insights over other important things:

Why Is It Important To Make ready Hospital Bag For Baby

Keeping separate and ready the hospital bag for the baby makes things easy for the caretaker at the hospital. All the necessary items can be taken out smoothly in one go, from the wisely prepared hospital bag. It avoids confusion and overwhelms when at the hospital. So it is crucial to make the hospital bag separate and ready for the baby.

At What Week Should You Pack The Hospital Bag For Baby

As per my experience, if you keep things for the last moments, there are two main drawbacks. The first one is that you may not be in the condition to go out shopping. If you think you will opt for online shopping, there may be chances that the time frame will not allow you to return or replace the stuff you do not like. So you will have to adjust to whatever you received.

The second drawback is that you might skip some important stuff, which will make the job hard for your caretaker at the hospital. Also, one of the crucial steps of labeling each packet will get skipped.

So to escape from all the hurdles and last-minute stress, the best time to start planning and packing for the hospital bag for baby is with the onset of your third trimester. Now the question is, what week is the third trimester in pregnancy? The simple answer is it starts from the 28th week of pregnancy and lasts till delivery.

How Many outfits To Pack In Hospital Bag For Baby, Does Hospital Provide Outfits For Baby?

It depends on how many days you are about to stay in the Hospital’. In my case, since I had C-Section, my doctor had recommended four days of hospitalization. Mostly, in the case of Normal delivery, three days of hospitalization is recommended. So ‘How Many Outfits To Pack for a baby will depend upon the number of days at the hospital.

Since I was aware that I would have C-Section delivery and had to stay for four days at the hospital, I had packed eight pieces of baby cotton clothes, assuming two pieces to be worn by the baby per day. But in reality, out of eight, only three pieces of clothes got used. Because on the first day, the hospital had provided the clothes. For the rest of the three days, we used one piece of clothes per day. The remaining five pieces came home as they were. So I will recommend the number of clothes equal to the number of days at the hospital, with two extra clothes if you need them if the baby spits milk or any unexpected circumstances come on the way.

In most cases, the hospitals provide outfits for babies only for the first day. For the rest of the days, we have to arrange clothes for babies.

Should You Buy Newborn Clothes Or 0-3 Months Clothes For Baby

Since we are planning to pack the bag for the baby a bit early, I will recommend shopping for two sets of clothes size for the baby. One set of clothes with 0-3 months and the other with 3-6 months. Mostly 0-3 months goes well with newborns. But if you find your little munchkin to be chubby after delivery, then you can wear the baby 3-6 month’s set. 3-6 months set can be kept for later use if that could not get utilized. But be cautious that you should not wear your baby’s very loose clothes, as it may cause suffocation. Similarly, the clothing should not be very tight. Buy some soft cotton clothes for the baby.

As babies grow very fast, after some time, the zero sizes will be of no use. So I will not recommend buying newborn clothes for them. Opt for 0-3 months clothes.

I hope you are with me till here, that how, why, and when to pack a hospital bag for baby. 

Now let’s see what to pack in the hospital Bag For the baby-

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Let’s begin checking out the stuff in the bag for baby –

Clothing For Baby

What Outfits To Pack In Hospital Bag For Baby

The first thing is what the baby will wear after coming to this beautiful world? It will depend upon the weather and what time of the year your delivery is supposed to be. 

If it is spring, you may opt for cotton clothes with full sleeves front open shirts with pajama sets. Along with this, you will be required to pack Mitten Gloves Cap and Booty Set.

If it is summer, you may opt for jhabla or onesies.

If it is winter, go for soft winter suits for the baby. Also do not forget to pack woolens and hat, booties and mittens.

Whatever be the season, shop as per that for the baby. But keep in mind always buy clothes which are open from the front, so that it will be easy, and safe to wear them to the baby,

Since my delivery was in February, and it was spring at that time, So I had bought Multicolor Baby Cotton Clothes. These were the set of multi-color soft cotton waists with pajamas. They came in beautiful pastel colors, and the quality was up to my expectations.

What Diapering Essentials To Be Packed In Hospital Bag For Baby

The correct way of diapering the baby at the hospital makes the days easy at the hospital. Let’s see what diapering essential to pack in hospital bag for baby-

Nappies and Diapers

I had packed 40 nappies and no diapers. But I was a bit wrong with this. Because at the hospital, it becomes hard for the caretaker to wash the nappies, soak them in disinfectant, and make them dry. So lastly, we had bought newborn diapers. This decision was safe, hygienic, easy, and time-saving. But I will recommend keeping some nappies in the bag along with the diapers because if the baby’s skin is very delicate and if the baby does not support wearing diapers, you can go with nappies. Always buy soft cotton nappies for the baby.

What are the best Diapers For a Baby?

Always consider quality diapers while buying diapers for the baby that may be a little costly, but they are gentle with the baby’s skin. Cheap diapers have harmful chemicals. They can harm a baby’s skin, causing rashes, redness, in the worst cases peeling of the skin. So be careful while buying the diapers.

For me, Huggies wonder pants and pampers pants proved to be very helpful.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are needed for cleaning when they poop. I will recommend wiping the baby’s skin and apply the anti-rash cream every time you change the diaper to escape from rashes and irritation.

Baby wipes are also handy when the baby is not bathing and just giving her a wet wipe on the body.

Buy good quality alcohol-free, and paraben-free baby wipes.

Dry Sheets

Dry sheets are handy whenever you change the baby diaper, as they absorb all the pee and keep the baby dry. You may also opt for nappy changing mats.

I had bought a full-size dry sheet and then cut it into pieces of about 20×20 Inches. I had kept two-piece of a cut dry sheet in my bag.

Baby Feeding Essentials To Be Packed In Hospital Bag For Baby

Formula Milk

As we all know, mother’s milk is liquid gold, which is highly nutritious and is very important for the growth and development of babies. But after delivery, it may be possible that lactations in mothers start after the second or third day of delivery. There are chances that the baby is very delicate to suck the milk from the breast. So I will recommend keeping Formula milk in the bag.

In my case, my doctor had recommended Similac Infant Formula Stage 1. You may also consult with your doctor for formula milk for the newborn.

Apart from Formula Milk, other feeding essentials to be kept in the bag are as follows:

Container and spoon

Container and spoons are required to prepare and feed the formula milk to the baby.

Thermosteel Water Bottle

Thermosteel Water Bottle is required to keep the water warm for Formula milk preparation. Make sure the bottle is cleaned and sterilized before use.

Liquid Cleanser

A liquid cleanser is necessary to clean bowls and accessories used in preparing for milk and feeding the baby. I will recommend Morisons Baby Dreams Bottle and Accessories Cleaner. I love this product because of its effectiveness and mild fragrance.

Container for Sterilizing

We must sterilize the feeding essentials of the baby. We can not carry an electric sterilizer with us to the hospital. Hence, I will recommend packing a slightly big container or bowl. In this, you can keep hot water for sterilizing baby feeding essentials.

Bibs/ Cotton napkins

If your caretaker is an experienced one, you may opt for 3-5 pieces of bibs. But I feel very reluctant to lift the baby’s delicate neck again and again for feeding. So I had kept 5-6 pieces of soft cotton napkins to wipe any spill while feeding the baby.

Bathing Essentials To Be Packed In Hospital Bag For Baby

Bathing Essentials are necessary for the baby to keep them away from any types of infection, hydrate their skin and make them feel fresh. So here is the quick list of bathing essentials for baby-


I will recommend two pieces of soft towels to wipe the baby’s body after a bath.

Combo Pack For Pre & Post Bathing

I will highly recommend Sebamed Combo Pack. It makes the packing very easy for the hospital, as it contains all the pre and post bathing essentials for the baby. You will not have to worry about individual buying of bathing essentials.

Sebamed Combo Pack include Soothing Massage Oil (150ml), Body Milk (100ml), Baby Cream(50gm,) Lotion (100ml), Shampoo (50ml), Powder (200g), Body Wash (200ml),

Secondly, its products are for all types of skins, from Normal to sensitive, keeping baby’s skin soft and hydrated with no harmful chemicals. They last for a longer duration as they are easy to spread and need very little to apply.


Swaddles are a way cozy and comfortable for babies after bathing. They love to get swaddled for a sweet nap after a bath. Swaddling also makes it easy for babies to give or receive. It makes them feel snuggled and thereby feel safe and comfortable. Swaddling also protects the baby from direct touch.

Baby Sleeping Essentials To Be Packed In Hospital Bag For Baby

Receiving Clothes

Receiving clothes is essential when you are not diapering the baby. If you are putting the nappies on baby, then receiving clothes will help you escape from pee or poop. Nappy changing mats are the best for receiving the baby as they are waterproof and have a cotton cloth attached to them on the top, which makes the baby comfortable. Nappy changing mats come in beautiful colors and prints. You can also use them while making the baby sleep, giving her a nappy-free time.


Blankets are needed to keep the baby warm while sleeping. Keeping one baby blanket will be enough.

Sleeping Bag

I found the sleeping bag very useful while bringing my baby home. Sleeping bags protect the baby from the air. They are cozy and make carrying a baby very easy.


So here is the tip, if you are packing for a baby, keep the things separately in small packets and label them so that they could be found easily by anybody at the time of need.

I hope this list will help you to pack the hospital bag for the baby. What are your thoughts on this list? Let me know through your valuable comments.

I wish all the very best for your safe labor and welcome to the new beautiful world of motherhood.