How Am I Celebrating This Holi – Happy Holi 2021

Here comes the holy month of Holi! The festival of colors, the harvesting month of Rabi crops, and a month with which many childhood memories are associated because Holi brings summers with it. And summers mean vacations, lots of fun, ice creams, popsicles, and lots of indoor games while watching TV.

My childhood memories associated with Holi include – Going to market with my father to Shop for a water gun, Holi Balloons, color, a day before Holi.

The night before the Holi was the party night for all our friends because we organized the ‘Holika Dahan.’ Before ‘Holika Dahan, we had the responsibility to decorate the marquee. There was music on which we all kids danced till late at night because the Holika Dahan used to be in the early morning. After that, in the morning, there was no botheration of bathing. The only thing was to put on old clothes happily, load water guns, balloons, and colors, and go out of the home to play Holi with friends till afternoon. There used to be Gujia, Bhajia, and Sharbat to rejuvenate all-day.

Last year, there was no Holi celebration because of the pandemic. But for me, it was not there because my baby was just a few days old.

But for this year, I am excited because it is my first Holi with my baby Khanak who is one year old. Her cousin Selya is also very excited to play Holi with her little sister. She has plans to buy a Big water gun, which can splash water to a distance.

This year I am going to celebrate Holi at my parents’ house, where we will be blasting at the terrace from morning till afternoon and will be having lots of fun splashing the colorful water on each other with the water gun, throwing water balloons, and applying herbal colors on each other’s face; We do not want to waste our time in the kitchen on the special day of Holi as we want to enjoy it to the fullest. So we have decided to prepare Coconut Gujia a day before. Also, we do not want to cook the whole meal on the day. So we will be making Potato Pakora, Paneer Pakoda, some Sweet Pakoda for brunch, and lastly, we will be enjoying Thandai (No Cannabis) and Rose and Orange Sharbat in between.

Of course, we will be doing all the preparation for Pakodas the night before because we want the day to be a Hassle-free day. Thandai And Rose Orange Sharbat will also be prepared and kept in the fridge a day before the Holi.

In the afternoon, when the sun would be at its peak, we will take a bath, and after getting ready, we will be enjoying a movie together in our home theatre and will be playing games.

In the evening, if there are no guests, we will be going on a short walk to review the Holi celebration in our colony and nearby streets.

For dinner, we will be making light khichdi enjoying TV till we want to go to bed.

So these are my short, simple, and sweet plans for blasting on this Holi. What are you up to for this Holi? I would love to hear from you.