How Did God Help Me Through A Difficult Time

It was the successful end of my seventh month of pregnancy and today it was my first day of the eighth month. Here is the story – How did God help me through difficult time.” This story is very close to my heart and I will always be thankful to God for his help and divine mercy on me.

As I woke up in the morning it was some new and hidden feeling in my mind that only two months to go to get to Motherhood. A strange feeling that I myself being the youngest daughter of my family will be at the topmost position the world gives to a girl when she enters MOTHERHOOD.

When I woke up I had an urge to finish my morning routine work of getting ready soon. I have a strong faith in God. I am a follower of Lord Krishna. About Lord Shri Krishna, he is a Hindu god which symbolizes love, strength, and wisdom. He is the supreme power. Shree Krishna is the eighth incarnation or avatar of Lord Vishnu. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, and Lord Brahma are the three supreme powers, which facilitate and end lives on earth.

Worshiping the king of kings, paramavatar Sri Krishna, and chanting Garbh Geeta throughout my pregnancy was a daily prayer ritual for my spiritual communion. The Lord’s prayer and worship of Lord Radha Krishna give mental peace and well-being.

The serenity prayer gives me the strength to let go of things that are beyond my control and gives me strength to put my best at the things which are under my control. It makes me realize the difference between the two states of mind. It showers Krishna mercy. I also chant Gita verses to get good morning blessings. I also observe a fast every year on Lord Shree Krishna Janmashtmi, which is celebrated throughout the country as Krishna’s birthday.

It reminds me of the incident during my eighth month of pregnancy when I was in extreme trouble because I had fallen on the slippery floor and my leg was injured. Here is the complete story about How did God help me through a difficult time-

I was at my maternal home till my delivery was done. I had come here during my 3rd month of pregnancy. We have two floors in our home. Initially, I used to sleep with my sister in a separate room downstairs. The rest of the family including my Mom, father, brother, and niece slept upstairs. It was all smooth and calm, and why not after all it was my parents’ home with my mother’s love and support during my crucial time of life. I was very much acquainted with my new routine life during pregnancy at my home.

But during the 5th month of pregnancy, everything got capsized. We lost our most beloved darling mother. This incident shattered our lives. As time passed, for emotionally supporting each other and to move on from this terrible incident, we all tried to be with each other during all times of day and night. During the night, to help our father overcome all this, we three siblings, including myself, my sister, my brother, and my niece, slept together in one room with my father to not feel lonely. And even we also felt better. With time what I learned was- NOTHING IS ETERNAL.

So coming back to my today’s point of completing the seventh month and entering the eighth month of pregnancy, after getting up in the morning when I was in hurry to get ready and take bath and was heading towards the bathroom, my both legs slipped in opposite direction and I fell on the ground. At this point, I could not think of anything but found myself on the ground. I was tense about my baby. I slipped in the way that it injured my left shoulder and hand.

Luckily, my sister was available in another room and I called up her. Seeing me lying on the ground, she also got worried. We both tried to make me stand. But it was not so easy. After struggling for a few minutes, I managed to stand. But when I tried moving my left leg ahead to reach bed there was severe pain in my lower abdomen. I could not move a single step and stood intact at that place like a statue.

For a while I manged to I stand there, holding the handle of the door. In the meantime, my sister dragged the chair for me so that at least I could sit there where I was. Then I managed to sit on the chair but was unable to move from the place. There was a severe pain and it reminded me of my mother. It made me miss her at the moment just like when I used to be in her lap when I was a kid.

I gathered courage and motivated myself. From mythology, I had heard that when a soul releases from the body, it merges in Krishna. I had a strong urge of having my mother by my side. So believing the fact that my mother’s soul was also got merged in Krishna, I started praying continuously. I prayed – God please help me! Help me god I am badly injured and depressed due to pain! Lord Krishna and Radha Rani please help me! God, I need you, please save my baby!

I was in complete devotion and supplication. I was praying for the protection of my baby and healing of myself.

By the time I did not have my breakfast. Since I was not in a position to go upstairs and have breakfast, my sister brought it for me at the place where I was. After breakfast, I had an appointment to see my doctor. But due to injury, I was sitting almost for another one hour at the same place. After breakfast, I grabbed the courage to move towards the drawing-room so that from there I could move ahead to seat in the cab to reach the doctor. My left leg was totally paining and I reached the living room by dragging myself with the help of my sister. Again I needed to sit. But this time when I sat I was even unable to stand again. I couldn’t reach to doctor on my own.

My sister called upon my doctor’s landline as We did not have her personal contact number. The nurse picked up the phone. When did my sister ask her if the doctor herself or any nurse can come to our place to check me up as I was unable to move? The nurse replied that the doctor was busy in another delivery case and no one could come to check me up. The hospital did not have an ambulance facility so there was no chance of getting one. When my sister was busy on phone I again missed my mom, thinking if she would have been here she must have given some suggestions on what to do. My sister and I decided to move to another hospital but we were not sure.

Then my sister thought of my neighbor. The lady was almost the same age as my mother. During hard times a senior’s advice always gives relief to a distressed soul. My sister went to the neighbor’s house and told her about all the incidence as well as my condition. She suggested that due to the jerk the baby might have displaced from its place and the possibility was there that it could have moved near the lower abdomen, hence there was pain. Then she suggested if someone who could massage gently on the belly to set the baby back in its place could help us. She suggested that our other neighbor’s maid knew about it.

So my sister went to another neighbor’s home. At the time her maid did not come and it was not sure on that day that she would come. But my sister left the message and came back.

As my doctor was about to get available in the evening and we had no other option. My sister kept on keeping an eye on the neighbor’s home so that she could catch her maid.

Coincidentally, my sister saw that maid’s daughter passing by the road. My sister asked her about her mother, whether she would come on duty for the day or not. The lady replied to my sister that her mother was going out of the station for a few days so she will be working on her place. My sister got disappointed. The lady asked my sister about the matter. My sister told her all the things. Then the lady told my sister not to worry because she was an expert in dealing with pregnant women. Because she had been working in hospitals for the last seven years. Her duty used to be in the labor room, and she used to deal with expectant mothers, pre and post their delivery.

The lady consoled my sister and asked her to carry herself to meet me. The lady came and examined my belly with her hands. She concluded that my baby had been displaced from the position due to a jerk. She massaged gently to bring the baby to place. And she did it in not more than two minutes. I was able to stand and move and was relieved from the pain. Then she also suggested we see the doctor in the evening. We were very thankful to her.

Since the lady was not a doctor or any professional, we were reluctant to take her help. But she assured us about her work at the hospital. And lastly, we had no choice except to believe her because I was in severe pain. For me she acted as if Krishna God had sent her to help me. She was an angel of God for me. This made me realize, if God gives us hard times, he also gives us the way to come out of them. I am a strong believer in God, and always feel that his grace is always with me. He is there with me in every situation, and he is always protecting me because I am one of his beloved children.

In the evening I visited my doctor. She examined me and gave injection to relieve from minor pain that I was having due to injury. My baby was safe. After coming back home I thanked God and chanted good night prayer for the divine mercy on me and my child.

Though I missed my mother very much on that day, lastly this incidence made me realize my mom is always with me in the form of god and I will always be safe, no matter what situation life brings to me. God help me in all ups and downs of life.

Have you ever had been through a situation, when you were helpless, but lastly felt that God had helped you? I would love to hear from you through your valuable comments.