How To Attain Solitude In These Tough Times

Life remains beautiful when we are in our childhood. Everything seems like a dream where we get the love of our grandparents, family, and the company of friends at school, at home, at tuition, or any other hobby classes where we go. With these friends, while sharing tiffin, playing, and fighting, we do not realize where the beautiful time flies away, and we become old enough to target our career and college. No doubt, College life is also beautiful, but at this stage, life starts realizing little stress of it when we are about to finish college. The tension of placements, careers, and the mystery of where life will carry us keeps circulating in mind. But all this stress subsides because we have friends throughout our college.

The presence of friends creates memorable incidences of college life like tracing the bike of crush in huge college parking, tripling on a scooter with besties to rush to the canteen to sip soothing hot coffee during chilly winters, and enjoying maggie at the hostel instead of munching boring tiffin from the tiffin center;

Friends are a beautiful part of life, but as life moves on, this beautiful part gets separated for various reasons. For example, hostlers go back to their homes, or friends may have different jobs in different cities. In girls case, mostly they separate from their friends due to their marriage in other cities. 

The present world is the world of technology where we have gadgets which keep us in regular contact with our far-flung friends or relatives. But there are limitations with these that if we want to go out for a movie or if we want to experiment with a new dish in the warm afternoon at home, contacts through these gadgets remain helpless. Also, there is no doubt wherever a person goes, he/she makes new friends, but it takes little time.

So if you think you are bored of monotonous life or have moved to a new city due to your job, or due to your husband or father transfer or due to education or retirement and have no real friend connections, then to overcome this depression causing boredom here are few ideas, following which can keep the mental health at its best and help yourself attaining solitude –


I think a peaceful mind is a key to all great works ahead which are in the pipeline. If the beginning of the day is full of positive energy, it will give new thoughts to life. Joining yoga classes will improve your daily routine if you are a late riser. The fresh morning air will fill you with its glory. You will not only learn new yoga asana but will meet new people also. The hours spent at yoga class will fulfill the emptiness of your whole day. You can also join such classes that give professional courses on yoga so that you can learn how to teach yoga to others. And it can ultimately prove to be a great side hustle for you.


I like cooking. Even I like experimenting with new dishes. It not only improves my knowledge but I come to know about various cultures and their cuisines. If you are following any YouTuber for this, it will be a great help. You can also try your dishes in new ways, thinking differently than how it can lust your kids to finish meals on their plates. Though my daughter is an infant, we have kids at home, like my nephew and nieces. The three are different when it comes to food preference. So it is a day-to-day task to make them fulfill their regular healthy dietary needs. Like my sister experimented with bottle guard paratha with mashed potatoes in it, and children loved it. Otherwise, we cannot dream children to finish their meals if bottle guard is served, with chapati on their plates. Thinking and working out of the way will give you immense pleasure and satisfaction.


Have you ever wondered how a baby bud converts into a beautiful flower overnight? Have you ever been delighted with the natural fragrance of flowers in the breeze while passing through the street or tasted soups, pasta or noodles, adorned with fresh veggies directly from someone’s garden? I have enjoyed these beautiful experiences from Mother Nature. We have a small terrace garden, and my brother takes care of it. I hardly get time to go to the terrace every day. But I could not come across this hidden jewel of immense pleasure of gardening until my brother would not have gone out for a month for his work. For that time’ my sister was holding the responsibility to water the plants in the morning and evening.

One holiday morning, I went on the terrace. While strolling, I realized the crackling of dried leaves under my feet. They had blown due to wind and scattered on the roof. I started cleaning the area. While doing so, I moved on and on towards the plants. I saw small okra peeping through the bushes. I was mesmerized. Then, I saw small tomatoes hanging on the stems in the next pot. When I glanced over, tiny sponge gourds were swinging through the climbers. I got more excited and then discovered coriander and mint flaunting into the corner. This view made my mind so peaceful. From that moment, it was under my curiosity that when would these little creatures grow and I will see them just like we get them from the market. I volunteered the responsibility of taking care of them till my brother was back. I started pampering them like a baby. And in few days, they grew up, and few more little ones appeared. Though the quantity was not enough to serve six members, they were sufficient for soups or pasta. Okra was sufficient; to make my niece happy for her lunch box at the school. Gardening gives you peace of mind, and often spending time with this greenery at home never makes you feel down.


I remember when I was a child, I used to play with colors. I used to try painting the pink evening sky after sunset when on the terrace. Taking out my coloring book and pens was the routine whenever the monthly unit test at school used to over. Though I was not a good artist to imagine the scenery, ‘I used to copy and try painting the same as the original in my color book. Through this, I knew while creating any art, ‘we get lost in it for hours. And this helps distract our mind from pessimism like being bored or alone. If you are engrossed in any art and want to get an expert in it, you can search classes in your area and become an expert. And if you do not wish to join classes, you can learn it through Google or YouTube.


A few years back, I had to quit my job due to an ailment. Though I recovered in a month or so but finding a new job was quite exhausting. I also used to feel bored. It was stressing me as I was jobless for months, which meant diminishing my savings for personal expenditures. I was feeling like my skills were getting rusted day by day. To distract my mind, I used to help my niece with her homework. One evening, when I was teaching her, my niece’s friend came home with her mother to play. Her mother asked me if I could also give tuition to her daughter. I told her I am not a professional tutor, but she insisted on me as her daughter was hard on teaching through her mother. I gave my consent to send her daughter from next evening for tuition at my home. Gradually, seeing the kid coming every evening at my place, with a school bag on her shoulders, other nearby people also noticed that someone is tutoring over the place. And inquiries started coming, and in this way, I got a group of 8 students. It opened the door for solving my problem of running my expenses until I do not get a good job. But also I learned children are different from each other. They are different in capacities to understand and grasp. They react differently as per their interests. So the way of dealing with each child was different. Teaching them, chatting with them, laughing with them, sometimes partying with them made pessimism flew away from me, and it was the ultimate utilization of my jobless time and boredom.


Vehicles save time and energy. But giving them up sometimes could bring yourself more close to your surroundings. One evening I was feeling dull out of monotonous life. I had to go to a grocery shop to buy few things, so I decided to go to the market. But when I came down to take my vehicle out, I realized that the front tire was punctured. A nail had got poked into it. I called up the serviceman to take the scooter to his garage and repair it; he said it was possible to make the scooter the next day as he was short of the serviceman on that day. I said okay. 

But because I had to buy the grocery, so I thought to hire a rickshaw. But again, it seemed like a foolish idea to hire an auto just for buying few things that too from the market, which existed in around 1 km periphery from my home. I took my grocery bag and went on my feet. As I came on the main road, it was about to get dark, and the shops started illuminated with lights. On the way, there were florists, and then there were youngsters hanging out with their friends at the street food corners. Dummies were showcasing the latest fashion at the apparel shops. I thought if I would have on my vehicle, I must have skipped the market beauty through the crowd. After taking my stuff, while returning, I came across an antique shop. Its fascinating beauty could not resist me from entering into it, and while going through the articles, a lady from behind asked if she could help me. While conversing with her, I came to know that she was the owner of the shop. I appreciated her for opening a new shop in the area with this concept as there was no such collection at any shop previously. She told, it’s no more a new shop but already finished its second-anniversary last month. It was quite embarrassing for me as I was unaware of it. Anyways but this little walk made me delighted, and if I would have given up the vehicle two years back for small buyings, I could have better known about my surroundings. Lesson learned.


Helping the neighbor will not only render you pleasure, but it will also create a bond between you and your neighborhood. And this will open the door to sip evening tea together. One fine morning I was about to leave for my office and had taken out my vehicle on the road to start it. I noticed my neighbor had also taken out his bike, he was sitting in his front seat to balance the bike, and his elder sister was to sit on the back seat, but she was unable to do so. The lady had arthritis, and due to pain, she was unable to climb on the bike. I took the initiative and went near them. I suggested the boy stand the bike on the side stand and gave the lady support of my shoulders and palm to sit over. She tried and lastly she made it. They thanked me and helping them gave me happiness. The lady offered me to come over to their house sometimes in the evening to have tea together. Though I am a bit shy kind of human, I never went, but I did not forget to offer her the same. She once came to my home, and we had a good time together. Maybe we do not meet regularly, but at least by this small initiative, we hold beliefs in our hearts that anytime in the future, if we have any need of one another, we can expect help.


Whenever I feel dull and not in a condition to go out, then I prefer reading. I have some collection of books which I bought from book fares. But buying books from the physical market needs lots of space to keep them at home. Then I started taking them on rent from my nearby bookstores, which used to take the deposit amount equivalent to book cost and refunded at the time of returning the book in a stipulated period after deducting the rental as applicable. But this gave me another hurdle of reading the book as fast as possible because I had to return it on time to avoid a late penalty. Even, this happened a few times with me that I returned the book without reading it as the rental time got over but, I could not get time to finish it. To overcome all these hurdles, I found ‘Kindle’ the most appropriate app. From this, I could download any book of my interest, and there is no time restriction to finish it. There are thousands of books available on Kindle, and even some of them are for free also


Everyone loves a tidy, clutter-free room. I often experiment with rearranging my room by changing the bed direction. It gives a new look to the room. Decluttering drawers and cupboards sometimes revive the beautiful old memories of the time, ‘when I come across the greeting cards and scrapbooks given and filled by my friends in school and college times, which I had forgotten while safely keeping them in a bag.

In this, my friends had written their views about me and our friendship. I got lost in reading their words, and for a while, it was like I had gone back to my school days.

These ideas opened the doors for me to attain solitude most of the time when I barely had connections with my friends. So what is your thought about it, how you make yourself happy when in your own company, let me know through your valuable comments? Have a great time.