How To Avoid Misunderstanding In A Relationship

Sometimes it may happen with all of us that we have disputes, may it be with friends or parents, life partner or maybe with girlfriend or boyfriend. This is because no two persons are the same. They may have different perceptions or beliefs. In this case, none of the two people is wrong, because everybody has the right to express themselves. So here is the question arises that how to avoid misunderstanding in a relationship?

If such a situation ever comes in life, then I think we should deal with it tactfully. Because while in

the discussion if disputes arise then each person forced to approve his or her view. And this situation arises arguments and sometimes this leads to anger and frustrations that people lose control over their words. In such cases, here is a piece of advice on how to avoid misunderstanding in a relationship. We should think about why the person is saying so and so, what is his areas of consideration. And the same thing a second person should also think. Then we can merge the two concepts and conclude.

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Always consider that at the point you are sitting you might see it 6. But another person is seeing the same thing as 9. So none of the twos is wrong. Just remember, a healthy conversation exchange brings the best outcomes. We should respect others’ feelings also. But if by chance it has happened that the disputes resulted in arguments and bad arguments that you think might have hurt other person, then here is a piece of relationship advice that you should take initiative to fix, no matter if you might have also received hurting. I am not saying that you should be a people pleaser. But if you think your relationship is worth it, you must take initiative to save it.

This will eliminate negativity which you are holding and also your mind will feel burden-free and positive. And it’s the responsibility of another person too to accept the apology of the person who has said sorry despite being hurt. The other person has said sorry not because he is the only one who has created the sin of hurting. But because that individual wants to get back to a healthy interpersonal relationship with you. This way, no matter whether you are into a casual relationship, platonic relationship, or a romantic relationship, whatever relationship it may be, it will blossom with love and respect. None of the people involved in the relationship will feel relationship anxiety or codependency.

On the other hand, if both the persons will hold grudges then after some time they will feel more reluctant. Slowly their relationship will be converting into a phlegmatic relationship. And gradually they will start feeling melancholic while being in the relationship with the person. It will also create misunderstanding.

First because initially, they want to be together with their partner by showing coquetry behavior. At this stage, they would like to be compliant and will accept each other’s concerns too. This stage is very crucial. If the two people will be considering the things at this place then it will create a strong bonding between the two. And this colloquialism will remain just a cliche.

But if at this stage the first person ignores that person’s apology then for a few days he will give you time to get cool down. But if you will continue to show your ego then that person will feel reluctant towards you. He will try to stay away from you. And keeping stay away means he will find different means to get distracted from you and slowly he or she might get habitual of staying without you. If you will avoid relationship goals or couple goals of being together, caring for each other, and each other’s feelings, there will be fair chances of breakup.

Here if one day you will feel ever to get back to that person you might face the same which you gave to other, as you disrespected his/ her feelings then he /she might ignore your feelings too. And then the blame game will get started especially in case of partners that the other person has spoiled your life and bla… bla….. bla…..

But actually, it’s your ego which is blaming because you will not want to put yourself down in front of another person, and you will be in a dilemma that you were correct, but still you will not be happy because your soul will tend to force you to accept the hurtings which you have given to other. And till the time you will not regret your mistake you will not feel calm, as it is the ego which is in dilemma but the soul is always true.

So let the grudges go and embrace love because moments once gone will never come back. Don’t allow some unfavorable times to spoil your journey of love and laughter which you have come along all the way.

If the relationships are handled with little care, there will not be a need for a third person and couples counseling or marriage counseling. Rebound relationship tactfully on time if anything ever goes wrong to avoid making it phlegmatic toxic relationship and melancholic. A healthy relationship is never self-centered.

So these were the few pieces of advice on how to avoid misunderstanding in a relationship. What are your thoughts on the same, let me know through your comments.

Till the time Have a great day!!