How To Make Easy Crispy Chapati Vegetable Rolls

Hello friends! Today I am too excited to share one of my favorite recipes for Crispy Chapati Vegetable Rolls, which I tried last night for dinner. It came out surprisingly delicious with no time and less effort. I was craving spring rolls for so many days, but I was reluctant to eat all-purpose flour as it is bulkier to digest and is not healthy. At these Covid-19 times, I didn’t want to take a risk to go to any of the restaurants to eat spring rolls. Or even to order them to my doorstep. Also, I hardly like eating out. I prefer to eat homemade food. So I always try to cook at home to satisfy my and my family’s cravings for food.

As I said, I was craving to eat Spring Rolls, so I thought of a better alternative for the same and tried out making the rolls out of Chapatis (Indian Bread). For this, I made extra chapatis while preparing the lunch so that it was easy and time-saving for me to make the rolls during dinner time. You can also try making these easy and delicious rolls from leftover chapatis.

As I had prepared the chapatis during noontime, it had made my work easy in the evening. For making the rolls, I shred the veggies, sprinkled salt and pepper on them. I tossed the mixture with Chat Masala. Finally, put all the veggies mixture on chapatis. At this point, I took special care while stuffing the chapatis with vegetable mixture and rolling them by carefully sealing the edges of chapatis with dough, dipping the rolls in flour batter, and lastly, transferred them into a hot oil pan for frying.

Here, I will have to say my Inalsa food processor did total justice to shred the vegetables in minutes. Otherwise, doing it with hands would have consumed lots of time. If you do not have a food processor, do not worry, as you can shred vegetables with a hand-operated chopper too. And if that is also not available, then you can prepare your veggies beforehand.

This way, the rolls were juicy because veggies had left their water due to salt, and because of the coating of thin batter of flour, they had got the perfect crisp.

Here I want to share with you a tip that for making rolls, make the chapatis a bit thicker than usual so that they do not break while stuffing the vegetable mixture. It is because vegetables release their juices when salt is mixed. I made seven to eight inches round and a bit thick chapatis than usual.


Now let’s look out the exact method of preparation of our Easy Crispy Chapati Vegetable Rolls –

Serving – 5-6 people

Preparation time – 1 hour

For Chapati –

Wheat flour – 3 cups or 750 gms approximate

salt – As per taste

Water – 1 cup

For Stuffing –

Cabbage – 500 gms or 2 medium-sized

Carrot – 2 big sized or 250 gms

Garlic – 1 big bulb

Green Chilies – 8-10

Salt – As per taste

Chat Masala – 1 Table Spoon

For Batter

3 Tablespoon all-purpose flour

2 cup water

Method –

1. Sieve the wheat flour and add salt.

2. Add water slowly and mix well. Do not add whole water in one go. Add it slowly and mix it to make the dough, which should not be very hard or very soft.

3. Once you feel that the dough has reached the required consistency, stop adding water and knead well.

4. Let the dough rest for two minutes and knead again for one minute.

5. Now, make balls out of dough.

6. Sprinkle some dry flour on the rolling board and roll the round chapatis with the help of a rolling pin.

7. Heat the pan and cast the chapati on it. After some time, flip the chapati. Then with the help of a tong, cook it on direct flame. Be careful while baking the chapati on the direct flame as it should not burn the chapati as well as your hands.

8. When the chapati is perfectly cooked, keep it on the cooling rack for a while to let cool a bit so that it does not get soggy, then transfer it to your usual container.

Method to Prepare Vegetable Stuffing –

1. Shred cabbage, carrot separately and keep them aside.

2. Chop garlic and green chilies and keep them aside too.

3. Now, in a big bowl, mix all the veggies.

4. Add chat masala. Do not add salt at this point as it will make vegetables release their juices, and they will create difficulty while making the rolls.

5. Mix all the ingredients.

Making the Batter

In a broad pan or bowl, take three tablespoons of all-purpose flour and add two cups of water to it. Mix them well.

Making the Rolls

1. Heat oil in a pan.

2. Add salt into the vegetable mixture.

3. Take the chapati, and keep the vegetable mixture on it, such that it should not be at the corner of the chapati or the center.

4. Now, slowly fold the chapati to make the roll.

5. Seal the corners and edges of the roll with dough.

6. Now, carefully dip the roll into the batter and directly transfer it into heated oil for frying.

7. After some time, flip the roll. When the color of the rolls turns golden, take them out from the pan.

8. Serve hot with mayonnaise sauce or tomato sauce and enjoy.

Tips –

1. As already mentioned, make thicker chapatis than usual.

2. According to the requirement of your family you should make the number of chapatis. In my case, it made 15 chapati rolls, which were sufficient for us, including five members in the family.

3. I will suggest, make few extra chapatis than usual, as it might be possible that family members may eat the rolls more than usual. It happened to me, ‘that the rolls could have got insufficient if I had not made the extra chapatis.

4. Add salt into vegetables just before making the rolls; so that vegetables do not release much water making the rolls preparation process difficult.

5. The batter should be watery and should not be thick.

6. Keep the adequate dough aside; so that the corners and edges of the rolls; could be sealed completely. And stuffing does not come out while frying.

7. Water quantity to make the dough may vary depending upon the wheat flour as it may be finely ground in some cases and thickly ground in another. So add little water occasionally while making the dough. If you feel the dough is tight, you may add more water than suggested, or if the dough gets wet, you may stop adding more water. In that case, to adjust the consistency, add some dry flour.

Try the Crispy Vegetable Roll recipe, and do let me know how it turned out.