How To Wake Up Early In Morning At 4 AM

We all wish to wake up early in the morning during Brahma Muhurta. But we find it difficult to wake up as early as 4 am before sunrise. Sometimes our body does not allow and we feel dizzy. Sometimes our minds make some excuse to sleep for another five minutes. And when we wake up, we realize that five minutes passed two or three hours back. Here are some tricks and tips that tell you How To Wake Up Early In Morning At 4 AM.

These tricks will help you wake up at 4 am or at the time which you wish to wake up at in the morning without feeling lazy, tortured, or forceful wake-up. These are the natural ways to wake up your mind and body in the morning.

8 Tips To Wake Up Early In Morning At 4 AM

wake up early morning

1. Avoid Alarm

The first thing which we do to wake up early in the morning is we set an alarm. But it is not the best way to wake up our mind, soul, and body with a sudden sound or noise. Sleep is a relaxing thing and waking up suddenly from a relaxing thing to an alarming situation is not relaxing. You may feel restless.

The waking up process should be natural and innate. When you will wake up in your natural environment on the first day, it will keep the motivation in you and you will not feel bothered to wake up early on the next day. Slowly you will generate the habit of waking up automatically at the desired time.

2. Set sleeping hours

To make your resolution of waking up early in the morning at 4 am, you must know how much sleep you need. The need for sleep depends upon how much physical or mental work you do daily. Depending upon that you may need 8 to ten hours of sleep. Otherwise, normally a sound sleep of 6 hours is sufficient for a person.

When you know how much sleep you require and set sleeping hours for you, it will be easy for you to understand at what time you should head to your bedroom.

When you have enough sleeping hours, you will not feel reluctant to wake up early.

3. Practice Yoga

Every time I urge people to practice yoga. Because it is my personal experience yoga enhance sleep. It is because sleeping requires concentration and being focused. Yoga is the process of focusing on our breath, every inhalation, and exhalation. It helps us to stay focused.

When we sleep we also need to stay focused. If we will get lost in different subjects and topics, we will not get sleep easily. So yoga helps to stay focused while sleeping also.

4. Render Enough Time To Your Digestive System

Your digestive system should get enough time to digest the food before sleep. It will help you sleep better. Digested food will not create heaviness in the stomach. It will also avoid acidity or gas while sleeping, which may affect your sleep.

Make sure to take your meals three hours before sleep. If you have taken bulky food or nonvegetarian food, at least there should be a gap of four hours between the meal and the sleeping time.

5. Take A Soothing Shower Before Sleep

If you think that as per the sleeping hours requirement, you will have to go to bed before time. And because that time is not your usual time of sleep, you will not be able to sleep immediately. In that case, take a lukewarm water bath before sleeping.

Bathing is not only essential to clean the body, but it also brings happiness and relaxation to the mind. The reason why do we feel relaxed after bathing is that when we take a bath, every touch of the water droplet on our body detaches us from worldly things. We get lost in feeling the soothing water on our bodies. To feel it we generally close our eyes. When we close our eyes to feel the soothing effect of water, we detach ourselves from all the stress. Our mind gets diverted and we feel relaxed after taking a shower.

It is possible that taking a shower before sleep would not make you asleep immediately, but whenever you will fall asleep, you will have a sound sleep. If you will have deep sound sleep, you will not feel reluctant to wake up early in the morning at 4 am.

6. Lit a Candle or Diya

Diya is an oil lamp, that is made up of baked clay. To create a soothing environment while sleeping, lit an oil lamp or diya or a candle at a corner of the room. Close your eyes and focus on the lit diya or candle. You may also chant any mantra or may listen to a piece of soothing music like a flute. It will help you sleep easily and will help to wake you up in the early morning naturally without an alarm.

7. Wake Up On Your Right Side

Wake up on your right side when you wake up in the morning. It is because when we sleep our metabolism process is lowered. When we wake up, the metabolism process triggers. And when we wake up on our right side in the morning, the metabolism process triggers in the right manner. So we feel energetic after waking up. And when we will be energetic, we will not feel lazy while leaving the bed.

8. Wake Up Your Body And Mind Before Waking Up

It is very important to wake up your body and mind before you leave bed. If you forcefully leave the bed, when your body and mind do not allow you, you still feel sleepy. To wake up mind and soul there is a trick. Rub your palms together and put the fingers on your eyes for a few seconds. When you will open your eyes, you will feel a strange freshness. You will feel that your mind is activated and there will be freshness in your eyes.

By rubbing the palm together and then putting the fingers on the eyes, the small blood vessels and veins in the fingers get activated. When these are kept on eyes, they energize the body and mind. This way you will feel fresh no matter how early you have awakened.

So these are the tips and tricks to wake up early in the morning without using an alarm. I hope you will like the guide and follow them in real life.

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