Mango Ice Cream Recipe| Home Made Natural Flavor Mango Ice Cream Recipe

This weekend I am going to treat myself and my family to Mango Ice Cream. And how can I ignore you? You being my virtual family, I am also going to share the recipe with you. This homemade mango ice cream recipe is a completely natural way of making mango ice cream at home because it has no added preservative, color, and flavor. I have not used heavy cream in the recipe, so it is very light and satisfying. When the ice cream melts in the mouth, it treats the taste buds with natural mango flavor, so it renders an ultimate pleasure to ice cream lovers.

Before jumping on to the recipe, let’s see some helpful facts about mangoes and ice creams-

What Is Mango Ice Cream Made Of

There are many ways of making mango ice cream. Some people prepare ice creams with heavy cream, sugar, and ripened mangoes, while others use store-bought condensed milk, mango puree, sugar as main ingredients. Some ice cream recipes have eggs in them, while most store-bought mango ice creams add artificial flavor, preservatives, and colors that are not healthy.

What Can I do With a Lot Of Ripe Mangos

Summers are incomplete without mangoes, and only mango lovers can answer well for this question. There are several ways of eating mangoes. You can eat them either sliced or directly in full. You can make mango smoothies, shakes, juice, and candied mango (very well known as Aam Papad in India). And lastly, you can make them even more tempting by making Home Made Mango Ice cream.

What Can I Use If I Do Not Have Heavy Cream

Well, condensed milk is the best option to substitute heavy cream. You can buy condensed milk from the store. But in our recipe, we will be making special customized condensed milk at home for making our Mango Ice Cream.

How Do We Make Mango Ice Cream

We will be making our Mango Ice Cream by the simplest of all methods. For this, we will be simply throwing the sliced ripened mango with homemade condensed milk into the blender. And continue blending the mixture for about 2-3 minutes and transferring the mix into our ice cream container. Then we will be refrigerating it for about 4-5 hours. If you are going to prepare it the night before, so you can refrigerate it overnight.

How To Make Home Made Ice Cream Creamy and Not Icy

Most of us face the problem that our ice cream becomes icy, which makes it watery and reduces the flavor of the ice cream. Because we want to avoid our ice cream becoming icy, so we need to enhance the fat content in our ice cream. Since we are not using heavy cream. Hence, we will be using full-fat milk to make our homemade condensed milk.

How Do You prepare A Mango?

How to prepare mango for ango Ice Cream
Mango Slices

It is a very crucial part of preparing mango ice cream at home. To prepare the mangoes for the ice cream, the first thing that comes is that You should choose ripened mangoes. They should not be raw, as it will give a sour taste to the ice cream. The ripened mangoes are yellow, pulpy, and have a sweet smell. To prepare perfect mangoes for the ice cream, follow the below steps –

  • Wash mangoes well with Fruits and Vegetable Liquid Wash and under running water.
  • Wipe them with a clean cloth.
  • Peel the mangoes and cut them into slices.
  • Keep the sliced mangoes in the fridge to get chilled.

How Long Does Home Made Ice Cream Take To Set

Generally, for setting homemade ice creams, you need 4-5 hours. If you want rock-hard ice cream, you will require an overnight time to set the ice cream.

What Is The Best Container For Home Made Ice Cream

I found metallic, broad tins to be perfect to set the ice cream evenly and quickly. They give the proper temperature to ice cream to freeze evenly from all sides. Since they are broad, they make it easy for us to take out the scoops of ice cream. They set the ice cream quickly in comparison to deep narrow plastic containers.

Which Is Healthier- Home Made Ice Cream Or Store Bought Ice Cream

Since store-bought ice creams contain chemical stabilizers, added flavor, preservatives, and colors, they may also have eggs, which may cause sickness in the person allergic to eggs. So they are not healthy in comparison to homemade hygienic, naturally flavorful ice creams.

I hope you have enough idea about ice creams. And how to prepare mangoes for the perfect homemade mango ice cream. Now let us discuss the step by step recipe-

Mango Ice Cream Recipe

Home-Made Mango Ice Cream Recipe

Serving – 5 Scoops

Preparation Time For Condensed Milk – 15 Minutes

Preparation time for Mangoes – 2-3 minutes for peeling and slicing. (Meanwhile time of preparing condensed milk for chilling mangoes)

Ice Cream Setting time – 4-5 hours or Over Night.

Ingredients For Condensed Milk

  • 2 Cups Full Fat Milk
  • 1 cup Granulated Sugar
  • 1 pinch Soda bicarbonate

Ingredients For Mango Ice Cream

  • 1 Big Ripened Mango or 2 Medium Sized Ripened Mangoes.

Method For Condensed Milk

  • Take 2 cups of full-fat milk in a pan, and switch on the flame. Keep flame on low. Use a bit bigger pan to avoid milk coming out of the pan while boiling.
  • Add sugar, and stir well occasionally.
  • After about 5 minutes, the milk will start boiling. Stir the milk well, and be cautious that it does not come out of the pan.
  • Continue to boil and stir milk for further about 10 minutes.
  • When the milk has got thickened and golden in color, add a pinch of soda-bi carbonate.

Note – Be careful for the moment, as the milk will suddenly start rising very fast after adding soda-bi carbonate. And if you think the milk will come out of the pan, switch off the flame. After a minute, switch on the flame again and let the milk cook for about 30 seconds to one minute. You will see, the milk gets the consistency of condensed milk. If it is not that thick, do not worry because the milk will get its desired consistency after getting perfectly cooled.

  • Cool the condensed milk perfectly before adding the mangoes.
  • Take out the chilled mango slices from the fridge. Throw mango slices and condensed milk in a blender and blend for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Transfer the mixture to precooled ice cream container.
  • Keep the container in the freezer for about 3-4 hours or until the ice cream is set. If you want rockhard ice cream, keep it in the freezer overnight.
  • Take out the set ice cream, and enjoy with family and friends.


  • Make Sure you chill the mangoes and the container before making and transferring the ice cream to the container.
  •  Even after boiling for 15 minutes, if you think your full-fat milk does not get thickened enough, you may continue to cook the milk until desired consistency for condensed milk is achieved before adding the soda-bi-carbonate. But be informed that soda-bi-carbonate crystallizes the sugar, so it will further thicken the milk.

How do you like the recipe, and how it turned out for you. Please let me know through your valuable comments.