Neha’s Cup Of Joy is a women’s lifestyle blog that covers home & garden, fashion & beauty, people & events, food & recipes, motivation, motherhood, short stories, and much more.
Neha Merawat is the founder of this women’s lifestyle blog. She started this blog after the arrival of her first baby. She did not want to work a 9-5 job, leaving the baby at home. Through this blog, she wants to give time to her baby as well as her most love profession, that is blogging.
This lifestyle blog gives its readers healthy lifestyle tips, home decor ideas, where to buy the best fashion products, beauty tips, glowing skin tips, hair care tips, information about people and events, healthy food recipes, healthy breakfast ideas, how to prepare for motherhood, baby care tips, self-care tips, gift guides, relationships, how to deal with real-life problems and stay motivated.