Brahma Muhurta – Know What Powerful Life Changing Things Occur During Brahma Muhurta

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We have often heard that waking up early is beneficial for us in many ways. But how many of us have experienced these benefits in our mind, soul, body, and practical life? Before experiencing and understanding the benefits of waking up early in the morning, we must know how early is good to wake up? … Read more

How To Wake Up Early In Morning At 4 AM

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We all wish to wake up early in the morning during Brahma Muhurta. But we find it difficult to wake up as early as 4 am before sunrise. Sometimes our body does not allow and we feel dizzy. Sometimes our minds make some excuse to sleep for another five minutes. And when we wake up, … Read more

Omkareshwar City Guide And Pilgrimage Insight

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Every day starts with a journey, and our belief leads us to our destination. It is a kind of belief that renders us peace of mind at the end of the Journey. This belief has led me to one of Central India’s holy islands, known as “Omkareshwar.” Omkareshwar lies in the State of Madhya Pradesh … Read more

Where Is Happiness Missing In Today’s Life


Late last night, when I was lying in bed, I revived memories of my childhood when there was no lack of anything. It is not because my parents provided all worldly things to us siblings, but it was because we used to be happy all the time, just like other kids do. It was because … Read more