Hospital Bag For Delivery- What To Pack In

Hello everyone! Now my baby Khanak is eleven months old, and with time I am also recovering post-delivery. With experience, One thing I would like to share with you is the answer to the most confusing query of most of the about-to-be Moms, that What to Pack in Hospital bags for delivery.

When my 29th week of pregnancy had started, I had the same query, so I understand answering this query will be how much help you. Before starting, I will suggest you, Analyze your situation and requirement, go ahead, and pack your bag as per that.

I have listed the packed things in my bag, but depending on the type of delivery, I realized what things were useful and, What was not. Since I had C- Section delivery, due to which, some of the packed things had come back as they were. Hence, along with that, ‘I will also mention which of the stuff may be helpful in the case of Normal delivery and which would be helpful for C-Section delivery.

Taking reference from the list below, you may add or skip items as per your requirements. So let’s start with the guide –

Nursing Or Maternity Gown for Feeding Mothers

The first things that I had packed in my hospital bag were two pairs of maternity gowns. These I had bought from the local market, but if you are also about to be a mom and are not in a condition of shopping from the market, you can do it online. There are various options available online.

My nursing or maternity gown for feeding mother was made up of soft cotton with hidden zippers in front so that, ‘It could be comfortable and easy for me to feed the baby. The material was soft, thick, cozy with beautiful print. There was no requirement to wear the liner under the gown as its material was thick, and it could also keep me warm, which was the most requisite thing after delivery. I had bought the free size to get comfort.

Here I would like to give you one tip, though the maternity gown has a thick texture but do wear the liner so that if there is any leakage, there won’t be direct stains on it, as there is heavy bleeding after delivering the baby.

It was my story of buying maternity gowns. But, because I had a c-section delivery, I could not change my hospital gown post my delivery as I was not in a condition to do the things on my own due to stitches. Secondly, it was better to put on a hospital gown as it was easy for hospital personnel to do the regular check-up.

Hence if you are sure that you will have a Normal delivery, in that case, you may opt for maternity gowns. But, if your doctor has already informed you about a C-section delivery, you should skip these gowns for now. And in case you do not know what is going to happen, you may or may not opt for maternity gowns as per your choice because, in any case, the hospital provides the hospital gown.

The next requisite thing which I had kept in my hospital bag was 4-5 cotton scarves. Cotton scarves because they were required to cover my head after my delivery because I had seen at the time of my sister and sister-in-law that post-delivery, they were to keep it warm to avoid the headache in future. Since my delivery was about to be in the last week of February or the first week of March, ‘hence, there was not much cold, so cotton scarves were fine for me else, ‘I would have kept woolen scarves basis, the delivery month and weather condition.

Cotton Scarves

Secondly, I was required to cover myself at the time of feeding. Because, There could be any visitor inside the room, and if I had to feed the baby, wrapping these cotton scarves could help me feel comfortable.

If you do not want the cotton scarves, then for covering yourself for feeding the baby, you can buy a Poncho, which is available online, and in the local market in different colors and designs. 

So no matter whether you have a ‘Normal delivery or a C-section, covering the head with a scarf is always recommended, so you must put them in your hospital bag.

New Mom Disposable Maternity Pads

Post-delivery there is bleeding, which depends on how long it lasts. So due to moisture, there may be rashes. Hence ordinary sanitary napkins could not be able to do them justice. Taking experience from the time of my sister, I had ordered the New Mom Disposable Maternity Pads. These were soft cotton pads with more absorption.

As per my experience, the hospital had provided me the manual pads made up of cotton wrapped in surgical gauge, which hospital maids used to change for me. So, for the first two days, I used pads provided by the hospital. On the third and fourth day, I used New Mom Disposable Maternity pads.

Here, I will suggest “New Mom Disposable Maternity pads can prove to be a boon for the ones, Who are going to have a Normal delivery, though they are ok for c-section too.

Cotton Briefs Panties

You can keep the panties made up of any material of your choice, but I will highly recommend Cotton briefs Panties, as they are soft, comfortable, sweat-absorbent, and there are fewer chances of rashes with them. So I had kept cotton Briefs Panties in my maternity hospital bag.

Breast Feeding Maternity Bras

Though “Breast Feeding Maternity Bras” could be for later use, I had kept them in my hospital bag. I was unaware of the sudden situation, which could come to me, so being on the safer side, I had kept Breast Feeding Maternity Bras in my hospital bag for feeding the baby comfortably.

But as you know, I had a c-section and had put on a hospital gown, so there was no chance of wearing them. Hence they came back home as they were. But again, they may be helpful for a normal delivery mom.

Breast Pads

Since I was unaware that whether I could need Breast Pads or not, I kept them in my hospital bag because at the time of my sister, there was leakage of milk from the breast even when she was not feeding the baby. So in this situation, keeping breast pads for excessive lactation could be a big help for me.

But again, I did not need them as initially, ‘I did not get heavy lactation. You may analyze and may or may not keep it in your bag.

Breast Pumps

Sometimes there are various situations that you may not be able to feed the baby directly. It may be because your body is not secreting appropriate lactation and the baby is too delicate to pull the milk. There might be a reason that baby may not support breastfeeding. Whatever might be the reason, ‘every mother should prioritize feeding the baby with her milk as it is the best for babies. As a mother, I had also wished to do the same. Hence, to avoid any hurdle of feeding my baby, I had kept a breast pump to feed the baby manually.

In the real case, I had a problem with teats as they had not properly formed, so the breast pump helped me to take out the first sticky yet very nutritious milk for my baby, which is also known as “Liquid Gold.”

I would recommend keeping a breast pump.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are very important before handling the baby. They keep the baby away from any infection. Though we did not hand over the baby to any visitor, if there was someone important, my family could hand over them the sanitizer to disinfect the hands rather than awkwardly requesting the person to wash hands before handling the baby. I think hand sanitizer is a must-have thing to be kept in Hospital Maternity Bag.

(At the time of my baby Khanak’s birth, the pandemic had not struck our lives, but in the present scenario, hand sanitizers should be the priority while packing the hospital bag).


Slippers are required while moving within the hospital room. So keep a pair of comfortable slippers or flip flops.

Home Coming Maternity Dress

Of course, when I was returning from hospital, I was promoted as a new mom, so along with my baby, I had like to welcome myself with new clothes. But the condition was these clothes should have not only to be comfortable but should also have to be convenient to feed the baby. So I had bought myself, Maternity Dress. It is your choice of what you want to wear while coming back home with your newborn.

So this was the list of things that I had kept in my hospital bag to keep the forthcoming situation easy, simple yet, enjoyable with my newborn in the hospital. I hope this would help you as about to be a new mommy. What else you are willing to keep in your bag, ‘I would love to know.