Where Is Happiness Missing In Today’s Life

Late last night, when I was lying in bed, I revived memories of my childhood when there was no lack of anything. It is not because my parents provided all worldly things to us siblings, but it was because we used to be happy all the time, just like other kids do. It was because there were no wishes and expectations from the world or surroundings.

I remembered I was happily playing even alone too. Once my father was relaxing after office, shuffling through news channels, mother was busy in the kitchen, my siblings were busy finishing their homework, a crushed piece of newspaper became a ball for me and slate as a bat. And I played for hours till dinner was ready.

There was no demand for a ball or shuttlecock or a badminton or tennis bat. The moment with whatever stuff I had was mine. And I played endlessly. There was no waiting for the moment when my parents would bring a ball or bat for me.

Similarly, when friends or siblings played indoor games when it used to be blazing summer outside during summer vacations, even the corner of a room or under table area used to turn into a dollhouse just covering the surrounding with mom’s saree. There was no demand for dollhouses or real tents to play and wait for the moment of their arrival to enjoy.

Our bed used to turn into a big bus with one kid sitting at one edge, driving the passengers to their destinations. The pieces of newspaper took the form of currency. And everyone filled their pockets with lots of money.

There was fun in every moment, in everything.

So while lying in bed, I asked myself, where is Contentment in today’s world? Peeping into my childhood, I got my answer.




The reality is that we procrastinate on being happy. We always wait for the moments to be happy. These moments do not come because we do not see them and feel them. We wait for so and so things all the time to be happy. We always wait for so and so time to be happy.

We always wait for uncertain moments. We don’t know, ‘what may be going to happen in the next moment? Then how can we predict the moments which are a long way? And! Because of this, ‘we are missing the most precious moment, which we have right now in our hands, and that is TODAY.


Now we are no more a kid, so finding pleasure in every moment might be hard for most of us. But believe me, there is still pleasure in every moment, whether we have the money for movies, hanging out with friends or shopping, or having a big car or anything that you think is lacking right now to make you happy.

I do not believe that going out and spending money for our wishes is all the fun. It will render temporary means of pleasure, because what would happen when money would get finished, so we need to look for permanent option contentment.

Presently, I am facing my eighth month of pregnancy with a fibroid. I can not go out, can not sit for a long time, and can not travel. It can be said, 

‘I am packed in-home and mostly in one room. So should I be unhappy as everyone has a limit to be with me all the time? Should I be unhappy! Because I feel bored? Should I be unhappy! Because I can not go on an outing?

I have accepted my situation. I know it is temporary, just like other happy or sad situations I had faced in life so far. I have brought out my ways of keeping myself happy.

I can not go out, so I sit in my terrace garden with different flowers and other green plants to read my favorite books. Sometimes colorful tiny butterflies hovering over flowers give me company. Bright sun rays in cold weather brighten up my mind and soul. 

At a time, ‘when I am not on my terrace’s garden, then I am in my room with an opened window, where bougainvillea flowers are flaunting to entertain me during the silence of the day.

I can not go out for dinner with friends, so what? The present moment is the right time for me to experiment with my culinary art. I try out dishes and come up with my recipes. Yes, I can not stand for long, so I try those recipes which are easy to cook and do not take much time. It is to freshen up my mood.

My inability to go out for a movie does not matter. Because I hardly like to go to the theater for movies. I would have watched them at home on Youtube or through any other source I have at home from the comfort of my cozy bed or couch.

If you think you do not have money to go out every weekend for movies or dinner, you can try them at home and even invite friends. These will be a more frugal enjoyment and will create memories for you.

If you think you do not have a big car just like your neighbor to travel to the places ‘you had love to visit. You have the option of using public transportation. Even god has gifted you a fit body, ‘you can use it by walking which will make you more fit, and bring you closer to nature. Doors to new opportunities to meet new people with sharing of thoughts and exchanging life experiences will get opened, which you cannot get from the packed luxury car. Though I am not against a big car or luxury but till the moment it does not come, ‘you can still enjoy life without it.

If you like sports or play any game, but can not afford to have a membership of clubs, no problem, you can play with children. There will be more laughter and fun with kids which you will miss in a club. It will be a great stress buster.

The one inside, ‘which came to my mind, made me the happiest person, and I am sure most of you also have done this is that packing myself into a room and dance like crazy. At the time, secretly, I used to wear Mom’s Saree, sometimes my dresses and apply to make-up for no reason and staring myself from all possible angles for hours, thinking I am beautiful. Isn’t it beautiful? ‘when you affirm about yourself, that you are Beautiful, without someone else’s approval or a compliment? Yes, loving self is also Happiness, and there is nothing wrong with that.

By analyzing my childhood and being nostalgic about my old memories, I realized Happiness is here, here, and here where I am right now.

What’s your idea of Happiness, ‘I would love to know through your valuable comments.