Why You Should Surround Yourself With Good People

We often see that when we are in the hard times of life, we start being reclusive. We stop meeting safe people. We want to be in our company, but at that moment, spending time with ourselves is not pleasurable. Somewhere agony and grief lie in the back of our minds. At that time, we do not want to meet people. But there is a strong urge for sympathy from deep inside. We wish that some person should come, understand us and take us out from all the pain. In this urge, we unknowingly start expecting from all people, which are around us. And when our expectations do not meet, we feel depressed. To deal with any hard times, the key is to surround yourself with good people.

As I said, one of my friends happily reclused herself for pleasing her partner. Just because her partner did not like her to be with her friends, she stopped meeting with friends. If they used to call her to meet her, She made excuses for not meeting them. If they call her to know her well-being, She ignored their phone calls because her partner did not like it if she talked to her friends. Slowly her friends stopped calling her.

When you are in love with someone, you keep your partner at the top of the world and can not ignore his feelings. You stop meeting people, and that is why you forget to surround yourself with good people. Unknowingly you do the wrong things for which you have to pay later.

She started feeling lonely, despite, the job was her favorite field; When she used to call her partner during office hours, sometimes he used to be busy and could not pick her phone calls, sometimes if he picked the phone, he could not talk much up to her satisfaction. In the evening, while getting back home from the office or after arriving home, she could not go to them if she used to feel the need for friends because she had not maintained contact with them. For recreation and happiness, she was dependent on her partner. She had to wait for him to be free, for her or the weekend. At that time, she was unable to understand the loss.

Here is one learning, when you stop meeting people, you deliberately get to not surround yourself with good people. Your mind gets jammed, and you lose your conscience.

When my friend was not getting appropriate attention and appreciation from his partner, she became frustrated and felt like the slave of her partner’s wishes. When his partner stopped her anymore, she started rebelling, and lastly, despite sacrificing a part of her life for her partner, her partner declared her to be the most arrogant brute. And my friend left thinking that she was loyal, loving, and always available for her partner, then why she was left alone.

When you give way to surround yourself with good people in your life and meet them regularly, you come to know about various thoughts, beliefs, understandings, and you are free to put your thoughts. If they are quality people, they will tend to bring out the best of you. You will learn, you will be social and confident.

Beware and always observe your company with people. Be rational enough to understand if any person is blocking you from doing such things, which a human needs to be happy. Stop being the company of that person. No one has the right to judge you based on your friends, colleagues, your job, or social media activities until and unless you are loyal and correct at your place. True love will never forbid you to be yourself. A person if truly loves you will accept you the way you are. They will love you unconditionally. They will never compare you with others and discourage you from your ambition, goals, and career. This is high time to take action and get your life back.